Findaro Incentivised Testnet

Findaro Incentivised Testnet

*$1,000,000 worth of FRA to be shared among all participants* ? ?

Follow the steps??

1️⃣Fill this gleam form

2️⃣Then interact with the testnet bridge by following the procedures??

1. Download Findora wallet (PC)

– Download form

– Create wallet & Backup

– Click ‘Settings’ – Click ‘Manage’ in the ‘Network’ option

– Set the following information :

Network Node Nickname : Testnet

Network Node URL :

Blockchain Explorer URL :

2. Claim Faucet on Discord – Open #Faucet channel – Type !Faucet your findora address your email yes no – Ex : !Faucet fra1efj6ywurrsxu4p7umfqsznf8z5thcxhp5jpy89v3d0txflw03e0qydjel0 yes no

3. Transfer your tokens to your 0x address in the Findora Wallet by Prism feature.

4. Add Anvil Network in your metamask.

⁃ Network Name: Findora Anvil


⁃ Chain ID: 2153

⁃ Currency: FRA

⁃ Explorer:

Bridge fra from anvil to bsc

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