PlayFi Airdrop

PlayFi Airdrop

NEW so Called Mining APP?

The Mining concept is same as Bondex and Pi ✅

??Register with your email:

?? Go to the settings Button & Complete the social media task ..

1. According to the roadmap They’ll LIST on Exchange later ??

2. According to Tokenomics, the Total supply will be 100b & 35b Supply for Mining Airdrop ?

3. Currently they are giving 1 Coin per hour ASAP members reach 100k it’ll reduce to 0.8-0.6 ?

it’s looking me Ok ok For now, you can join but 1 thing I don’t like is the Ads when you click on any activity ?

For More Info: Read their FAQ or Whitepaper in the “Settings” Option

Rating : ★★★☆☆

*Get on board.!!!.*

*Register with mail and verify.*

*When you Open the app click on the Pad like *image and keep Mining Hourly.*

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