Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada for Africans 2023

Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada for Africans 2023

In this article we shall be dealing with Ph.D. scholarships in Canada for Africans, we shall be revealing the available opportunities, and how to apply for them to you.

There are many opportunities available when it comes to Ph.D. scholarships in Canada for Africans availability.

Furthermore, if you will like to study in a country that provides comfort, and a conducive environment for students, Canada can be ranked as a very good option.

However, before applying for a scholarship, it’s imperative for you to note that you must first have been offered admission by the school in which you wish to get the scholarship.

Also, before going into Ph.D. scholarships in Canada for Africans, let’s first check out the requirement to apply for Ph.D. admissions in Canada.

Admission Requirements

Each school has its own admission requirement, but before we go into that, we shall be considering the general requirements for Canadian Universities, for a student that wants to study Ph.D.

  • You must have a master’s degree in a related field- In some rare cases, a candidate can get automatic admission to obtain a Ph.D. degree without first getting a master’s degree. In such cases, such a student must have graduated with distinction and must have obtained high academic excellence. However, in the absence of such a case, you must have obtained a master’s degree in a related field.
  • A good score in your graduate admission test- To obtain admission for your Ph.D. degree, during your graduate admission test, you must have obtained a very good score.

The above are the requirements to get admission for a Ph.D. degree in Canada.

However, many of those wishing to obtain a degree in Canada, most times ask these questions below.

  • How long is the Ph.D. program in Canada?
  • Can I do part-time work during my Ph.D. program?
  • Can I study and work in Canada after my studies?

We shall provide answers to the  questions accordingly

How Long Is a Ph.D.? Program Canada.

The time range for Ph.D. programs depends on your course, and also depends on whether you are into full-time studies or part-time studies, However, most Ph.D. programs don’t extend more than 4 years.

Can I do part-time work during my Ph.D. programs?

Of course yes! You are allowed to work while you are in school. That you were being given a scholarship doesn’t mean you won’t be allowed to work. You might need money to get some extra things to support yourself. However, during the semester you aren’t allowed to work more than 20 hours per week, and some professional courses don’t allow students to use more than 10hrs per week for their part-time work, especially if you were being given a full scholarship.

In addition, during the semester break, you are allowed to have full-time work.

Extensively, since a Ph.D. degree requires full concentration, it will be advisable you do not work while at your school. But if you feel you can cope, you are free to do so.

Can I study In Canada After My Studies?

Yes, you can! Once you are done with your Ph.D. program, you can apply for postgraduate jobs in Canada and start working.

Many people’s dream who had to obtain a scholarship in Canada is to obtain a lucrative job to sustain themselves in Canada.

Now that you know the procedure on how to study in Canada, let’s briefly take a look at how to apply for Ph.D. admission in Canada.

How To Apply For a Ph.D. in Canada

The application processes for Ph.D. differ by different Canadian universities, but we shall first be taking a look at general ways.

  • Think deeply and choose the course you will like to study: Ph.D. is very professional, and there is a need for you to think deeply about the course you will be going for.
  • Submit a research proposal in strict adherence to the guidelines set by your university.
  • Apply online, there will need for you to go to the official website of your university, then supply all your details then apply online.

Now that you’ve learned everything you should know about admissions in Canada, let’s bespeak on Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada for Africans.

Available Ph.D. Scholarships In Canada For Africans

  • The University of British Columbia Four Year Doctoral Fellowship.

If you are in serious need of a Ph.D. scholarship in Canada for Africans, this is the best we would ever recommend, as this program provided a stipend for students up to $13200-$18000 per year.

The application process is easy.

How To Apply

To apply for this Ph.D. award, endeavor to take note of all things mentioned above, as regards requirements, how to apply, etc

Then go to to start your registration.

The stipend this institution provides to the student is aside from the tuition fee, medical care, and hospitality.

  • The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships.

This program is majorly for a full-time scholarship for students who are found qualified to be given and have achieved high academic excellence.

How to apply

To apply for this scholarship, make sure you are applying for a course in your field, and endeavor to make your application in adherence to their guidelines, then go to to initiate your application.

  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship: This scholarship was launched by the Canadian government to ensure high academic excellence in the country. And to promote the growth of education in the country.

To apply for the scholarship, go to, and start the necessary registration.

Do we hope we’ve been able to provide useful information as regards Ph.D? Scholarship in Canada for Africans? If yes, kindly help us give this article the widest publicity it deserves

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