_Q1. The information contained here is highly confidential therefore effect should be made to avoid candidates getting to showof this either direct or indirect before the examination

_*Q2.* Each candidate should bring to the examination hell/laboratory_

A- a sharpened pencil (HD)

B- an eraser

C- a ruler

D- a sharp razor blade or scalpel or knife

_*Q3.* The school be provided the following for the candidates_

i- hand lens

ii- petri dish

_*Q4.* Candidates should be provided with the following during the examination_

A- atles vertebra

B- thoracic vertebra

C- scapula

D- lumber vertebra

E- pooter

F- sweep net

G- tridax fruit

H- tad pole

I- Spirogyra (filament)

J- okro frit

K- mango fruit

L- tick

M- bean weevil

N- cactus plant

O- water lettuce

P- solider termite ( mandibulate)

_*Q5.* If it is not possible to provide each candidates with all the specimens and apparatus a set of the specimens and apparatus can be provided of group of not more then 10 candidates_

*i-* The report proforma should be released to the teacher who will set up the principal for the candidates on the day of the examination

*ii-* A completed teachers report from must be enclose in each envelop of script being returned to the council

*iii-* on the report from the teacher is requested to:

A- Supply all necessary information with regard to the type of specimens provided

*B-* Report any general difficulty regarding the procurement of the specimens

*C-* Report any particular problem experienced by any candidate during examination


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