Here is the chemistry practical specimen for 2021 neco chemistry exam

The chemistry practical questions follows next after the specimen then the answers, stay tune and check back later

Practical Requirements include

(a) One burette (50cm³)

(b) One pippete (20cm³/25cm³). However, all candidates in a center must use pipettes of the same volume.

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(c) The usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including:

(i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solution

(ii) Dilute ammonia solution

(iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid

(iv) Distilled water

(v) Red and Blue litmus paper

(vi) Barium chloride solution

(vii) Phenolphtalein

(d) Methyl orange

(e) One boiling tube

(f) Five test tubes

(g) Filtration

(h) Source of heat

Procedure of practical exhibition

Each candidate should be supplied with the following: Labelled An, Bn, Cn, where ‘n’ is the candidate’s serial number.

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(a) 150cm³ of chloride acid solution in a bottle labelled “An”. The acid solution which should be the same for all candidates will contain 8.60cm³ of the concentrated hydrochloric acid per dm³ solution.

(b) 150cm³ of sodium trioxocarbonate (iv) solution in a bottle labelled “Bn”. The solution which should be the same for all candidates will contain 3.20g of sodium trioxocarbonate (iv) per dm³ of solution.

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(c) One spatulaful of potassium trioxocarbonate (iv) salt in a specimen bottle labelled “Cn”


Good luck guys

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