Jamb 2021 Novel

Jamb 2021 Novel

If you have ever written a jamb before, you will know that jamb recommended novels yearly for use of English, and many of those who know have been waiting for Jamb 2021 Novel.

Furthermore, questions will be set from the novel, which jamb will recommend for candidates. It’s of high advantage if you can read the recommended novel very well, to make the questions set from it a bonus mark for you.

How much is the Jamb 2021 Novel?

Well, Jamb does not directly charge for their recommended novel, the charge for it would have been added to your registration fee. You won’t need to pay separately for it.

However, if your registration centers delay providing the Jamb 2021 Novel for you, or you misplace your Jamb 2021 novel. You can get one at any nearest bookshop to be you, at the rate of #500.

What is the recommended Jamb 2021 Novel?

The recommended Jamb 2021 Novel, is the same as the one being used last year, which is Sweet sixteen.

If you wrote Jamb last year, and you still have the novel with you, you can start reading it again as of now. And if you have someone who has, that you can get the novel from, kindly do so, before you will be given yours.

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