How to travel 25 countries VISA-FREE with Canada visa

How to travel 25 countries VISA-FREE with Canada visa

Canada visa is the second best visa. You can travel 25 countries VISA-FREE with Canada visa.

The US visa interview process is frightening to many. If you have been to one, you would know what I mean. The high security at the consulate, lining up in the street outside the building, intimidating visa officers, questions that you were not prepared for, and the list goes on.

If you do not have a US consulate in your city, you have to travel to the nearest city where the US consulate is. The visa fee itself is quite steep and on top of that, these travel expenses can add up.

Why should you get a Canada tourist visa?

Though Canada visa doesn’t offer as much VISA-FREE travel as the US visa, Canada visa has its own advantages.

  • Canada visa application has no visa interview.
  • Canada tourist visa is also a long-term visa. Usually issued for 10 years or until the expiration of your passport.
  • The fee for Canada tourist visa is much lesser. It’s only $100 CAD.
  • India and China passport holders can even take advantage of the CAN+ expedited program.
  • Last but not the least, Canada itself is a beautiful country.  The country is vast, diverse and a nature lover’s paradise. It’s also culturally diverse and the people are the most polite in the world.

Which Canada visas are you eligible?

The following Canada visas can be used

  • Canada tourist visa
  • Canada student visa
  • Canada work visa
  • Canada permanent resident card
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Some countries require the Canada visa to be multiple entries and have been used at least once to travel to Canada.

So, without further due, let’s jump into the list.

25 countries VISA-FREE with Canada visa

1. Canada

  • Of course!

02. Mexico

03. Costa Rica

04. El Salvador

05. Guatemala

06. Honduras

07. Panama

08. Antigua and Barbuda

09. Aruba

  • Applies to Bolivia, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Jamaica and Peru passport holders only
  • Entry up to 30 days
  • More info: Visit Aruba

10. Bahamas

11. Cuba

  • Applies to all nationalities
  • Must hold the Tourist Card, which can be obtained from Cuban embassies, authorized airlines and travel agencies
  • Entry up to 30 days
  • More info: IATA Travel Center and TIMATIC Web and Go Cuba

12. Curaçao

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13. Dominican Republic

14. Sint Maarten

  • Applies to Bolivia, China, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Haiti, India, Jamaica and Peru passport holders only
  • Entry up to 30 days
  • More info: Government of Sint Maarten

15. Chile

16. Peru

17. Georgia

18. Macedonia

19. United Kingdom

  • Applies to all nationalities
  • Must be in transit to/from Canada only and must have an onward ticket within 24 hours
  • Available at Heathrow airport only
  • Entry for 24 hours only
  • More info: Heathrow Arrivals and UK Gov – Check Visa

20. Oman

  • Applies to the following passport holders only
  • Visa in NOT EXEMPT, but are eligible to apply for eVisa
  • Entry up to 30 days
  • More info: Sultanate of Oman, Royal Oman Police

21. Qatar

22. Philippines

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23. Singapore

  • Applies to India passport holders only
  • Must be traveling to or from India
  • Both arriving and departing flights in Singapore must be on the same itinerary
  • Entry up to 96 hours
  • More info: Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

24. South Korea

25. Taiwan

VISA-FREE travel with Canada Residence Permit (Permanent Resident Card)

If you have been living in Canada and hold your Residency Permit (Permanent Resident Card), you can also travel VISA-FREE to these additional countries.

01. Aruba

  • Applies to all nationalities
  • Entry up to 30 days
  • More info: Visit Aruba

02. Bahamas

03. Curaçao

04. Sint Maarten

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