How to get crypto jobs as a newbie

How to get crypto jobs as a newbie

Roles in the web 3 to apply to include the following: collab manager, content creation, graphics designer, moderator, community manager, and more

Here are the simple 5 steps you can utilize to land yourself a good-paying job in the web3

  1. Discover projects early: As a newbie, it’s also important you make research and discover new crypto projects in different ecosystems. When you do, it paves the way and gives you more opportunities to get in as a job seeker, especially when they are not yet popular. This is familiar with NFT projects.
  2. Being active on social media: discord and Twitter have proven to be the major home for Crypto projects to hit first in the bid for exposures. So it’s paramount that as a job seeker, you stay active on these platforms and make good use of them, join different DAO where they share information on new NFT projects or DEFI projects, open ticket and apply, enter DM, do not be scared, ask if there is an opportunity for you.
  3. Join up-work: You can work as a mod, a content creator, or a community manager. These roles do not require much experience, you get to experience as you do it. A discord moderator job is always up on Upwork, you can also do content when you make research, community managing isn’t that easy but a newbie who is focused can handle it.
  4. Join the crypto job seeker community: it is easier to adapt to a particular opportunity when you are among people who do it or are interested in it. If you are in the midst of job seekers, ideas will be shared, mistakes will be corrected and opportunities to apply for jobs will be shared also, it’s paramount to join one.
  5. Finally: Have a good CV, a Manner of approach to employers, and also well-simplified social media handle. Job seekers are supposed to be focused and determined on their goals.

These few points, if well utilized, will land you a well-paying job in the Crypto industry.

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