How To Cure A Hangover

How To Cure A Hangover

Psychologically, a hangover can be explained as a means by which our body communicates to us, the danger of what we are doing in excess. It’s mostly the collective effort of nausea, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, and shaking, as these are the primary symptoms of Hangover.

In a more severe case, the heartbeat goes up faster than normal, blood pressure goes up, and excess sweat will be produced. Research shows that some battles with spinning sensation, while others become sensitive to sound or light.

Well, the symptoms you will get depends on the severity of the case. The causes of hangovers vary. Some could be as a result of sleep deprivation because brain activity is being affected or interfered with by what we drink

Our biological clock won’t be regulated by hormones because alcohol scrambles the hormones, this is why oftentimes, a hangover could feel like jet lag, and vice versa.

Migraines could be triggered by alcohol, which could make many think they are battling with a hangover when it’s just an alcohol-induced migraine.

The start of a hangover is when your blood alcohol level begins to depreciate. Experts made it known that it becomes more severe when the blood alcohol level reaches zero.

The primary cause of a hangover is excess drinking or drinking to intoxication. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you drink to a stupor or you are a light drinker, anyone who consumes alcohol is prone to hangovers. Research made it known that light drinkers are more liable to hangovers than heavy drinkers. If there are traces of alcoholism in your family, there is a probability that you will battle with a hangover.

A researcher at the Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Rhode Island, Dr. Robert Swift, had provided a solution to this case in 1998. The remedies given here are based on his review of other medical facts.

Hair Of The Dog: someone who takes alcohol to ease the hangover is referred to as taking the hair of the dog. The claim behind this belief is that hangover is a way of alcohol withdrawal.  

“Alcohol does not ease hangovers,” says doctor Swift.  If you want to deal with it, the first step you should take is stopping alcohol, and other sedative drugs, that contain traces of Valium because these things interact with the brain receptor.

Drink Fluids: Alcohol restrain vasopressin, and this will promote the quantity of urine output. If your hangover is accompanied by sweating, diarrhea, or vomiting, this may in turn make you dehydrated. In this kind of case, a few drops of water might just ease your case.

Get Some Carbohydrates Into Your System: Hangover is a result of a brain working without its major fuel. Drinking reduces sugar level, juice and toast is a way to get your level back to normal.

Avoid darker-colored alcoholic beverages: According to research, clear alcohol such as gin and vodka, doesn’t result in a hangover as much as darker ones like tequila, red wine and whiskey does. The major ingredient of Alcohol, in alcoholic drinks is ethanol, however, darker alcoholic drinks contain chemically related compounds that harm the body.

Take a pain reliever, but not Tylenol: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, ibrufen, and aspirin, may help reduce the pain of a headache, and other types of pain you may be experiencing within the body.

Drink coffee or tea: This can be taken in replacement of alcohol to exacerbate dehydration.

B Vitamins and drinks: Research shows that food that B vitamins cause less hangover.


Alcohol has proven to be the primary cause of hangovers. Hangovers can come with many symptoms based on the severity of the case, consult your doctor immediately, once you notice any of the signs mentioned above. However, in no case should you use this content as a direct substitute for your doctor’s advice.

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