How to get rid of pimples as fast as possible

How to get rid of pimples as fast as possible

At one time or the other, research shows 85% of people had been affected by pimples. Acne is a common disease, with some frustrating symptoms like pesky pimples, which can be quite difficult to get rid of.

Pimples are often gotten rid of by conventional treatment, however, it’s often accompanied by some other skin effects like dryness, and skin irritation.

Many results to using natural alternatives to get rid of pimples. However, only a few of these are scientifically proven.

If you want to get rid of pimples naturally. Here are two ways to do that.

  1. Spot Treat With Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil is obtained from Melaleuca alternifolia. The oil extract from this plant is known for its effectiveness in fighting against skin inflammation and bacteria.

Majorly, this tea tree oil fights against two types of bacteria which are the S epidermidis and p acnes.

 According to research, tea tree oil is effective in curing acne lesions by 5% than gel. While it’s effective in curing acne severity 6 times better than placebo.

Another research also shows that a lotion containing 5% tea tree oil and 5% benzoyl peroxide, is effective in curing pimples.

However, the tea tree treatment could also result in some adverse effects like irritation, burning, and dryness.

It should be noted that the tea tree oil is highly potent, and if not applied with caution, it can hurt the skin. For this reason, the oil should be diluted with a carrier oil

If you want to make use of this tea tree oil, kindly use it with caution and do not apply directly to your face, as the result can be sometimes irritating. But if used appropriately, it can get rid of pimples. Tea tree oil and carrier oil can both be purchased online.

How To Effectively Use Tea Tree Oil For Pimples.

  • Mix tea tree oil with a carrier oil, you can mix in the proportion of 1 teaspoon each.
  • Make use of a cotton swab, dip it into the oil mixture, and use it to rub your face.
  • You can apply a moisturizer if you want it.
  • At least once or twice daily, repeat this process.
  1. Spot treat with other essential oils.

Aside from tea tree oil, there are other essential ingredients you can use to cure pimples.

According to research essential oils of rose, cinnamon, clove, and lavender are very effective in treating pimples.

How To Effectively Use Essential Oils To Treat Pimples

  • Mix 1 ounce (30 mL) of carrier oil, with 10 drops of essential oil.
  • Use a cotton swab, to apply the mixture to your face.
  • If need be, apply moisturizer.
  • Go through this process at least twice daily (morning and night).

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