How to Open an SRT File

How to Open an SRT File

  • An SRT file aka SubRip Subtitle file.
  • Open one with a video using VLC or Aegisub
  • Convert to other formats with

What Is an SRT File?

A file with the.SRT file extension is a SubRip Subtitle file. These file types contain details for video subtitles, such as the text’s start and end timecodes and the subtitle sequence.

It is worth noting that SRT files are just text files used in combination with video data. So there is no video or audio data in the SRT file itself.

The time code format in SRT files is in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds: HH:MM: SS, MIL. After the end of the timecode, subtitle display coordinates can appear. The subtitle default subtitle to the bottom middle of the window if there are no display coordinates.

Common SRT Filenames

[moviename] — The files are often referred to by the subtitle language. This is an SRT file with English subtitles in this case. As for German replacements, an SRT file with subtitles in another language, such as German, existed.

How to Open SRT Files

An SRT file can be opened with a text editor since it is just a plain text file or a specialized SRT editor such as Jubler or Aegisub can be considered for use.

However, it can most commonly be used with a video player to play the substitutes along with the film.

If that is your case, you can open an SRT file with programs such as VLC, MPC HC, KMPlayer, MPlayer, or Windows Media Player in this instance (with the VobSub plugin). The SRT format also works for YouTube videos such that in your YouTube videos, you can also use subtitles.

If you have a film opened on VLC, for example, you are allowed to start and to play the SRT file by using the Subtitle > Add Subtitle File menu. All the other video players mentioned above have a similar menu.

How to Convert an SRT File

Any of the above SRT editors and video players will transform SRT files into other formats. For example, Jubler will save an open SRT file in SSA, SUB, TXT, STL, XML, or DXFP formats which are all subtitles in different styles.

Websites such as and Subtitle Converter will also transform SRT files online. For eg, will translate SRT to SCC, MCC, TTML, QT.TXT, VTT, CAP, etc. It will do this in batch and can also concurrently translate the SRT file to various formats.

The SubRip software collects film subtitles.

Another format called WebSRT also uses the extension of the.SRT file. The extension of the.VTT file is now known as WebVTT (Web-Video Text Track. Whilst it is supported by major browsers including Firefox and Chrome, it does not use the exact same format and is not as common as the SubRip Subtitle format.

SRT files can be downloaded from a range of websites. One is, which allows you to import subtitles for TV shows and movies by searching for the exact videos by year, category, episode, season, or language. For example:

Software to remove or add subtitle files from MKV files, MKVToolNix is an example.

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