Government scholarships in USA 2022

Government scholarships in the USA 2022

The government scholarships in the USA are mostly fully funded. Government school funding is usually in three ways which are;

  • Students loans
  • Fully paid scholarships
  • Partial scholarships

The amazing part is that this government scholarship is for everyone in and out of the USA (citizens, residents, and international students). Since the scholarship is for everyone, it’s quite competitive compared to scholarships given by organizations. This scholarship program is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Here are the two common Government scholarships in the USA with the necessary details

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Fullbright Foreign students programs give about 4,000 International graduate students, young creative artists, and skilled professionals Fullbright scholarships each year in the United States. They operate on or accept students in about 160 countries all over the world to study, conduct research, and grow in the United States.

The Fullbright Foreign students program is organized, funded, and managed by Binational Fullbright Foundation or United States Embassies, and applications by foreign students are processed and approved by these bodies.

To take in on this advantage, you have to first confirm your country’s eligibility through this link Application and Deadline date or period depends on the program and the University of choice. Some applications have closed, some are still open for a few days and others are still open till late this year.

It’s advisable to apply as soon as possible just in case your preferred institution is still open because it’s a fully paid scholarship.

Note: This scholarship program is for all students in any desired field except Medicine.


The Humphrey Fellowship program is a non-degree program for international students that are intending to improve on their professional experience by strengthening their leadership skills through a joint contribution of knowledge and understanding of possible and common issues in the United States and its associate’s home countries. As a plus, this fellowship provide great opportunities for professional development through the following;

  • Attending conferences
  • University courses
  • Connection or Networking
  • Good and quality practical work experience

Apart from the fact that Humphrey fellowship programs give students the opportunity to work closely together with other Humphrey colleagues in workshops and on seminars for collective idea utilization, it also gives students the advantage of thinking out of the box, traveling out of their host or immediate campus to learn, know and understand more on American culture and to network with their American colleague.

Note: It is compulsory for Embassies and Commissions to submit their nominations to the Institute of International Education office in Washington, DC by October 1.

Application Deadline: The deadlines for applicants vary by country.

For more information on how to apply, the selection process, universities associated with the fellowship program, and the benefits involved visit or copy this website link and search on your browser.

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