Federal government recruitment | Application form for all ministries.

Federal government recruitment application form for all ministries

The federal government has come up with a plan, to lift every unemployed Nigerian, from the shackles of poverty. This program is to enable every Nigerian youth to become employed and is meant for both graduates and non-graduates in Nigeria.

You may care to know how much it takes to obtain this federal government recruitment form, well it’s free, avoid people asking you to pay a token amount of money to obtain the form, they are scammers.

This program is open to every Nigerian graduate and non-graduates that are job seekers, the program is still up and running.

This was made known in a statement signed by Edmund Onwuliri the deputy director, information and public relations, national directorate of employment (NDE) on Monday.

Current Jobs Position.

You may care to know, the exact current federal government recruitment jobs that you can apply for, we have taken our time to bring them out in detail.

  • Education/Teaching federal government jobs.

 Any graduate that has a certificate in this field should take hold of this opportunity and apply for a job now.

To apply, kindly browse http://www.education.gov.ng and submit your application now.

  • Jobs in the communication agency.

 Do you possess a degree in mass communication, and you’ve been idle at home for long? Can you address the public without fear? If yes! Then here is an opportunity for you to secure a job with the federal government, here is a list of federal government agencies that are currently recruiting people, including the communication agency.

  1. Nigeria communication commission (NCC) you can obtain the form at recruitment@cto.int
  2. Nigeria broadcasting commission (NBC) if you have a degree in this field, kindly log on to nbc.gov.ng/pages/careers
  3. Nigeria postal service (Nipost), if you have a degree in BSC, hnd, Nd, in any discipline, here is an opportunity to secure a job with Nipost.
  • Federal energy jobs

Are you an energy worker, or do you possess a degree in this field? Then get a job now with the federal government. Here is a list of federal government energy agencies that are currently recruiting members.

  1. Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC).

This is good news for every job seeker, that the federal government has begun recruitment of staff if you have qualifications In this field, kindly log on to http://careers.nnpcgroup.com

To see all the requirements for this job.

  1. Power holding company of Nigeria.

We would like to inform the general public that the power holding company of Nigeria, has begun its recruitment, and every qualified candidate should apply for this job, while there is still a vacancy.

Please note, you must have a minimum of 18 years of experience In this field, and a university degree. We wish every prospective candidate the best of luck.

  1. Rural electrification agency (REC)

The recruitment form for the rural electrification agency is ongoing, and prospective aspirants for this job are to obtain the form and  complete their registration at http://rea.gov.ng/

  • Health and medical jobs

Did you study any health-related courses at the university or Polytechnic, and do you desire a job? Do you have a degree in any of these fields, medicine, nursing, SLT, Microbiology, etc genuinely desire a job?

If your answer is yes, then here is a lifetime opportunity to secure a job, here is a list of federal government health currently recruiting members.

  1. National agency for food and drug administration and control (NAFDAC). Anyone who wishes to obtain the 2020 NAFDAC recruitment application form, must possess Bsc, Hnd, or Nd, and must not be above the age of 35. Log on to nafdac.gov.ng to obtain a form now.
  2. National health insurance schemes (NHIS).

You may be wondering what is NHIS?

NHIS is a federal government agency aiming at making sure every Nigerian citizen easily gets attended to at affordable charges whenever they need medical service. The body is now presently recruiting members, take hold of the opportunity and apply for the job at https://www.nhis.gov.ng/

  • Aviation Jobs Agency

 If you study at an aviation school or you are a pilot and can fly a plane, then here is an opportunity to secure a job. Perhaps if you can work in an airport, then get hold of this opportunity now, here is a list of the agency currently recruiting members.

  1. Nigerian civil aviation authority (NCAA).

Many have been waiting for the Nigerian civil authority to release their 2020 recruitment form, and here is good news for all those who have been anticipating it. Kindly reach out to their official website and obtain your form at http://www.ncaa.gov.ng/ and please be reminded to complete your registration.

  1. Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria. (FAAN)

Candidates who wish to obtain this recruitment form should kindly reach out to www.faan.gov.ng and submit their applications, qualified candidates will be contacted for the aptitude test.

  • Agricultural Jobs In Nigeria

Do you have certain skills in agriculture? Can you farm, and you will like to work with the federal government? If your answer is positive then here is an opportunity, check out a list of the federal government agricultural agency currently recruiting members.

  1. Nigerian Root Crops Research Institute.

If you would like to obtain this recruitment form, kindly log on to their official page.

And please note, possession of any of these degrees from a recognized institution is required. BSc, HND, Nd.

  1. National Veterinary Research Institute.

Log on to http://www.nvri.gov.ng/ to submit your application.

We wish every prospective job seeker, good luck in their search to secure a profitable job, to sustain themselves and their families.

However, to ascertain the probability of you securing that desired job, we have taken our time, to give you hints to get approved for that job.

Important Tips To Get A Job

You may be battling with ideas on how to apply for the above-listed jobs, we are here to give you important tips.

  • Prepare Your CV

kindly know that the way you prepare your CV for private organizations will be quite different from how you prepare for public organizations, it will be well-detailed, including all your skills, and work experience if any.

  • Choose a position you fit in.

Look for a position you fit in, a position that goes along with your qualification, and apply for.

  • Complete the entire form.

Do not leave any stone untouched, fill in your age date of birth, and every necessary thing before submitting your form.

We hope this article meets your need, if yes we would love to hear from you in the comment box, and let us know how we may be of help.

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