World Health Organization (WHO) Recruitment 2021

World Health Organization (WHO) Recruitment 2021

This article is here to guide you on how to apply for the World Health Organization Recruitment 2021 on the WHO official portal.

Applicants who want to download the WHO application form should do so by visiting the WHO website at and download the WHO form 2021 PDF.

important information: WHO registration is completely free. Do not pay anyone to register for the WHO application form

Requirements for WHO Recruitment 2021

To be qualified for the 2021 World Health Organization recruitment, you need to have the following:

  1. A university degree as well as a postgraduate specialization in a health- or management-related field, relevant to WHO’s work?
  2. Experience at the national and international levels in your area of expertise?
  3. Good analytical skills, an understanding of policy issues and a keen interest in public health?
  4. A proficiency in English and good working knowledge of a second UN language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish)?
  5. Effective teamwork and communication skills?
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Here is an indicative list:

Grade (1)N° of years / relevant experience (2)Minimum qualifications
P1 / NO-A1 yearFirst university degree. For WHO staff only, equivalent professional training or self-study/work experience
P2 / NO-B2 yearsFirst university degree. For WHO staff only, equivalent professional training or self-study/work experience
P3 / NO-C5 yearsFirst university degree. For WHO staff only, equivalent professional training or self-study/work experience
P4 / NO-D7 yearsMaster’s level university degree (3)
P510 yearsMaster’s level university degree (2)
P6/D1/D215 yearsMaster’s level university degree (2)

(1) International Professional and Higher Graded levels run from P1 to D2, National Professional levels run from NO-A to NO-D
(2) Experience in developing countries an asset
(3) Or equivalent educational qualification

General Service Positions
LevelExperienceEducationLanguage qualifications
G7Minimum 10 yearsSecondary, technical or commercial schoolUsually require a very good command of one official language and a working knowledge of a second. Knowledge of a third would be an advantage. The language requirements depend on the duty station.
G6Minimum 8 years
G5Minimum 5 years
G4Minimum 3 years
G3Minimum 2 years

Please note the following restrictions on recruitment:

  • Relatives of WHO Staff: Except where another equally well qualified person cannot be recruited,
  • appointment shall not be granted to a person who bears any of the following relationships to a staff member: father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister.
  • Candidates under the age of 20 and above the age of 62 will not be considered for any vacancy.
  • Policy on Non-Recruitment of Smokers: WHO has a smoke-free environment and does not recruit smokers or other tobacco users who do not indicate a willingness to stop smoking.
  • This policy underscores the Organization’s commitment to promoting a tobacco-free environment.
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WHO Recruitment Portal 2021

The official Corporate Affairs Commission recruitment portal (CAC recruitment portal) is

Categories of staffing in WHO

Professional (P) or directors (D) who are internationally recruited and general (G) or national professional (NPO) staff who are recruited locally for both fixed or short-term positions. We also run internship and opportunities for junior professional officers (JPOs).

Internationally recruited (P or D)

Professional staff and directors are hired internationally and occupy leadership functions or positions that require a significant level of technical expertise. P or D staff are mobile and are expected to work across the globe.

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Locally recruited (G or NPO)

General Service staff are hired locally at the respective duty station. Their main role is to work with and support internationally recruited staff in their roles and to assure the smooth functioning of all administrative matters.

National Professional Officers are nationals of the country in which they serve and perform functions of a professional nature requiring local knowledge, expertise and experience.

junior professional officer programme

The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme provides young professionals at an early stage in their career with practical experience in multi-lateral technical co-operation.

JPOs are sponsored by their respective governments: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

How to Apply for WHO Recruitment 2021

The procedures below will walk you through to apply for WHO job online:

  1. Visit WHO login portal at
  2. Follow the instructions on the WHO official website.
  3. Fill and submit your application form

WHO Recruitment Closing Date

The closing date or deadline for CAC Registration has not been officially announced. Once the deadline is announced, you will be notified.

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