Compare iphone and android phone in Nigeria

Compare iPhone and android phones in Nigeria

I have used both phones in Nigeria, the well-known iPhone is a big trend for Nigerians, anyone using an iPhone in Nigeria is very rich and buoyant because most iPhones cost a lot to purchase in Nigeria.

While people tend to fall into buying iPhones in Nigeria and looking rich, this of course most times people claim is an act of pride, but that’s not what we are here to discuss.
Now let’s go straight to the point, iPhone was basically built for developed country usage, and has many disadvantages to be used in Nigeria, comparing android phone and iPhone also known as the apple phone in Nigeria has gone through a diversified means,

Right now I will pinpoint the reasons why iPhone cannot be enjoyed in Nigeria

◦ iPhone was built for unlimited Wi-Fi usage, because of its constant upload of files in iCloud storage, and very high data consumption! This feature is not enabled in Nigeria as you have to pay for your data per user. Android phone consumes data less than iPhone, a data consumed by android depends on your usage, but iPhone data consumption starts immediately you switch your data on, except cause, if you individually switched off each app not to use mobile data, this feature is basically to help people but not a lot know about it

◦ iPhone is designed for soft usage, high user storage memory, and low battery capacity! Some affordable iPhones you know have less than 4000mah battery capacity, this is very low to compare to most android phone battery capacity, most android capacity runs to about 5000mah, some android companies like has more battery capacities! But some affordable iPhone has lesser power capacity, and this is really bad for a Nigerian, who doesn’t have electricity or a constant power supply like the developed world, you see the limitations?

◦ Lastly, do you know that iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, and iPhone 7 and most affordable iPhones work on a low RAM gig capacity? I doubt if you know, but for an android phone, most good android phones operate from high RAM gigs.

I have clearly stated to you why android phones should be preferred to iPhones in Nigeria, only if you know you have the capacity and enough cash to buy a good and high iPhone, coupled with a nice Wi-Fi or enough data, of cause then, you can enjoy your iPhone and all the good things in it.

This is not an intentional market spoiler strategy for products in Nigeria, this is for a knowledge base for Nigerians, for people who seek knowledge!

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