Civil defence shortlist 2023

Civil defence shortlist 2023

Many applicants who applied for the 2023 civil defence recruitment have anticipated the shortlisted list of candidates to be released.

However, many are curious to know whether the list has genuinely been released or not; we would like to clear the doubt on this and make it known that the list has been released.

How To Check if you are Shortlisted for civil defence recruitment?

There is no how-to to check your name on the shortlisted list other than your email or SMS inbox.

Kindly check your inbox folder to know once your name has been updated on the list.

If you are among the lucky candidates that found your name on the shortlisted list, then we would like to wish you congratulations. Nonetheless, the battle does not end here; your exam comes next, which will fully ascertain your opportunity for securing this job.

How To Boost Your Chances Of Passing The Civil Defence Exam?

There is no better way to secure this job than to pass the exam after being contacted via your Gmail or SMS. You might get bothered as to how to pass this exam, considering the number of years/months you’ve left school, but do not worry! We have a small expo to give you here.

  • Study past questions: The questions aren’t going to come from heaven; they will only be questions that have been given to others in the past. Once you can study past questions very well, you are good to go, and there is no other time to start exploring than now.
  • Make the exam confidential; there is nothing to fear in the exam; it’s like a routine exam, so do it with boldness and assurance that you will pass it.

Please kindly note that the exam comes up after the shortlist is out.

We wish everyone going for the exam the best of luck.

We want to inform you if there is any information from Civil defence, as regards the screening. Kindly let us know if you will be the first to receive the latest news from us.

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