Bobby Bones Scholarship 2022

Bobby Bones Scholarship 2022

Bobby Bones, host of the award-winning Bobby Bones Show, announced on-air that he has created a college scholarship for students at his former high school in Arkansas. this scholarship is annually and the process for the year 2022 has just begun.

The Bobby Bones Don’t Be Skipping Class annual scholarship will be awarded to a Mountain Pine High School senior who “exhibits strong leadership skills, strong work ethic, and a desire to spread kindness to others.”

Bones will choose the winner from a list of qualified applicants at the end of the school year and will present the scholarship in person at graduation.

Bones stated, “I know I’m no Oprah, but I’m trying. Education was a really important part of my life, so I hope to give back to someone who needs help, much like I did.”

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Broadcasting live from Nashville, The Bobby Bones Show launched nationwide on Country radio in February 2013 and currently reaches more than 3.3 million weekly listeners on more than 80 stations. Airing weekday mornings from 5 to 10 a.m. CT, hosts Bobby Bones,

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“I know I’m no OPRAH, but I’m trying,” said BONES. “Education was a really important part of my life, so I hope to give back to someone who needs the help, much like I did.” bobby bones

winners of  Bobby Bones Scholarship 2022

Hayden Barnes, Jamie Walsh, and Brianna Love were all brought on-air and Bones asked them to pitch themselves to him in 15 seconds. After that, he would choose a winner.

But Bones couldn’t pick just one of them, so instead he awarded all three of them with a “Don’t Be Skipping Class” scholarship.

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