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?Harmony $ONE

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1️⃣ Why Should Tokens Have A Finite Supply?

– To Avoid Inflation And Incentivize Token Appreciation

2️⃣ What Consencys Mechanism Does Harmony Use?

– Effective proff of stake

3️⃣ Which Technologies Does Harmony Implemet To Achieve Scalability Without Sacrificing Security?

– Sharding And Effective Proff Of Stake

4️⃣ What Is Harmonys Yearly Network Reward To Validators?

– 441Million Tokens

5️⃣ Which Of These DAOs Have been funded by Harmony?

– All Are Correct

6️⃣ What’s Makes Up The Yearly Reward At Harmony?

– Issuance +Transaction Fees

7️⃣ Harmony Has Created Bridges For Which Chains?

– All Are Correct

8️⃣ How Much Grant Will Harmony Provide To New Projects Through The Harmony Ecosystem Fund?

– $300Million

9️⃣ How Many DAOs Does Harmony Aim To Find In The Future?

– 10,000


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Answer :

1️⃣ You Can Purchase QTUM On Binance By

– All Of The Above

2️⃣ Holding QTUM Allows You To Vote On Proposal. True Or False?

– False

3️⃣ When Did The Qtum Mainnet Launch?

– Sep 2017

4️⃣ Block Rewards Are Split Betweet

-Ten Super Staker

5️⃣ QTUM Holders Can Delegate Their UTXOs Behind Staker Stakers Thrugh

– Offline Staking

6️⃣ Qtum’s Account Abstaction Layer Ia Designed To

– Combine UTXO Accounting With Smart Contract Capabilities

7️⃣ When Delegate QTUM Behind A Super Staker, A User Must

– Provide Their Wallet Address To A Super Staker

8️⃣ QTUM Combines

UTXO Accounting

– Smart Contract Capabilities


Link Quiz :

Answer :

1️⃣ Select Is The Network(s) In Which Coti Operates

– All Are Correct

2️⃣ How does COTI keep ITS transaction fees low?

All Are Correct

3️⃣ What Does COTI MultiDAG Enable?

– The Ussuance Of Tokens On Top Of The Trustchain Protocol

4️⃣ The Treasure Distrubutes Reward To COTI Holders Based On Fees Collected From

– All Of COTI’s Product, Including Treasury, COTI Pay Bussines, Djed, And More

5️⃣ Which Type Of Consensus Algorithm Is Used On The COTI Network?

– PoT (Proff Of Trust)

6️⃣ How Can I Earn Rewards From The COTI Ecosystem?

– Deposit Native Coti Into The Treasury

7️⃣ COTI Ia Powering Djed, Which Is___ First Algorithmic Stablecoin

– Cardano’s

8️⃣ What Is COTI?

– A Layer-1 Blockchain Ecosystem Designed For Payments

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