3 Ways of Keeping Your Skills Up to Date

3 Ways of Keeping Your Skills Up to Date

As an employee, keeping your skills up to date should be your number one priority. A problem that often occurs for employees, traditional ones at that, is the disruption caused by the changing times. In today’s day and age, that disruption is due to technology and is forcing traditional jobs to be replaced with tech-based jobs.

This change, which is being caused by automation via artificial intelligence, will lead to more job losses. Staying ahead of this change by adapting your skills to the future of work is the best way to avoid this disruption and stay at your company as a valuable employee.

To that end, technology skills are the best way to go about this and can be done using a few different educational sources. Follow the below methods for keeping your skills up to date and you’ll have a leg up on any future competition.

Find a Trade School Near You For those unaware, trade schools are a form of education that has been around for a number of years. They are typically known by the name of vocational schools, but modern trade schools often feature specialized classes that prepare students for a career in a tech-based field.

Most of these courses last somewhere in the range of nine to twelve months, as well as offer industry mentorship and one-on-one preparation.
What makes this form of education so appealing to current employees is that some schools, such as Flatiron School, offer deferred tuition. This means you wouldn’t need to worry about living paycheck to paycheck while acquiring the education and could focus on building savings and paying tuition at a later date.

There are a number of highly rated trade schools around the world that can be sourced from websites and then completed from the comfort of your own couch. This flexibility and educational preparedness make trade schools one of the best sources to gain the skills needed for future of work.
Enroll Yourself in a Bootcamp While Working Sometimes, trade schools may even be too long of an educational method when you are working a full-time job. If this is the case for you, then attending an online tech Bootcamp may
be the better choice when it comes to getting the much-needed skills for the future of work.

Coding boot camps are some of the most well-known boot camps and teach students everything there is to know about the various coding languages. From learning the differences between languages such as python vs. javascript to learning which jobs use which languages, these boot camps teach students everything they need to know in a matter of months.

Bootcamp Rankings lists some of the top coding boot camps available but that’s just the beginning. Bootcamps for a variety of tech fields have begun popping up all over the world for a number of fields, meaning the knowledge needed to launch a tech career is now more available than ever.

Study Today’s Tech Trends One of the best ways to keep your skills prepared for the future of work is to study the tech trends of today. By doing so, you can begin to see the direction of the workforce and which skills
will be applicable or obsolete. Look at the job openings for your company and see what the top skills are for each position.

As discussed, coding is a skill that is becoming more and more needed, so learning about the
different types of coding languages could be helpful in your skill preparation. Web development
is becoming an extremely important skill and, as covered by Hackr.io, HTML and Python are
two of the best languages to enter this field.


Keeping your skills up to date for the future of work is all about identifying which skills will be needed and then obtaining those skills. Becoming a lifelong student is the best way to always stay on top of the needed skills.
Even if you can’t stand education, there are quick ways to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become an invaluable asset to any company and ensure the longevity of your career.

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