You wrote a 200 page autobiography

You wrote a 200-page autobiography, send us page 165

“You’ve just written a 200-page autobiography. Send us page 165. (Please use your own discretion to choose the time frame of your autobiography; it can be about your current or future self.)” 500 words

applying for UCLA alumni scholarship and you get this prompt?

chill.. you are not alone in this, millions or say thousands of applicants have encountered these same issues years ago, and here is a guide to see you through it.

here are brief guidelines to go through it.

you are supposed to write an autobiography of yourself (You wrote a 200-page autobiography). An autobiography is explained as knowledgeable facts about oneself, right from birth, notable moments of life, academics, happenstances of one’s life. When you were done with school, what you love doing, and what you choose as a career part.

Now they assumed you wrote a 200-page autobiography of yourself (that is huge) and require you send them only the 165 pages of it. They obviously want one page of your autobiography.
Now here is the secrete, you are to write this particular page only as if you have been writing your autobiography, which mean it has to be as a continuation of what you have been writing, a part of the 200-page autobiography and not a beginning but close to the ending part. Now, this part has to do with yourself, what you have arrived to be, your academic part and career you choose for yourself, many attempted career parts that failed, and the vision to keep trying.

Here is a sample of one a page 165 autobiography

I can tell by the way I accidentally wake up at four thirty in the morning that it’s going to be a rough day. It was already a rough day when I went to bed four hours later than I usually did. This end-of-winter cold is waiting for just the right moment to pounce. I can hardly breathe through my nose, my head is pounding, and my anxiety- for no apparent reason- is ramped up to the extreme. I turn over in bed, hoping to sleep more before I have to head to school.

Curled up on my side, pressed against the wall, I squeeze my eyes shut. But instead of sweet dreams, all that runs through my head is Are you going to remember to talk to your english teacher about that essay you bombed? How about your grade in APUSH right now, aren’t you failing? Why are you even trying anymore, your grades are shit anyways. How does anyone think you’re good enough to do anything? I throw the covers over my head, trying to fend off the worries that eat at me. After an hour and a half of this, I finally fall asleep, half an hour before I have to get up to get ready for school.

When I don’t automatically get out of bed and shower at six thirty, my mom comes in to turn the lights to wake me up. From my bed I groan, peeking out from under my blanket wrap. She chides me to get up, humming songs about sunshine. I sleepily ask her to bring me in later, that I didn’t sleep well and wasn’t feeling great. She leaves me to sleep for another few hours before she’ll bring me into school late. The lights turn off and I retreat back into my cocoon, desperate for more shut-eye and less nagging in my mind. She leaves the door open a crack, and thin streams of light spill in from the hall. I ignore it.

Thirty minutes later, the sound of clinking metal stirs me. The door opens more, and through my squinting, I see Murphy walk in, his tail wagging so hard his whole butt moves with it. No one’s usually home alone at this point in the day, since all of us have left for school or work. I can tell he’s happy for the surprise company.

“Dog,“ I mumble, and he leaps onto the bed. He circles, before laying himself down and curling across my legs. I close my eyes, relishing in my guest. I drift off again.

Suddenly, from his spot on the bed, I feel him shift closer to me, placing his head on my chest. I card my fingers through his fur and lift my head to look at him. He looks at me with his big brown puppy eyes, tail wagging the slightest bit. This time I really smile, tears filling my eyes as I look at this beautiful, dumb little dog, who loves me so unconditionally, realizing that no matter how much I could mess anything up, he will always be there for me. I always joke how he’s the only man I needed in my life.

I place my head back onto the pillow and the two of us doze off without a care in the world.

source of sample: medium

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