Waec agric practical answers 2022

Waec agric practical answers 2022

Here we will post the Waec agric practical answers 2022.

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F – It is a liquid substance 

G – It gives a characteristic odour

H – It gives a characteristic odour


They aid the growth of crops


(i) Broadcasting

(ii) Placement

(iii) Foliar application


Pick a good compost bin then locate a spot with good sunlight. Keep the compost bin in a good plate  and add green and brown organic matters. Alternate between the layers timely and wet the compost as well. Always turn  the compost and allow to decay.


F – Clean up excess Fertilizer on your sidewalk or driveway

G – Ensure it is properly added to the soil

H – Ensure hand gloves are worn

Use this asap

I: Arachis Hypogaea
J: Gossypium Species
K: Elaeis Guineensis
L: Hevea Brasiliensis

I: Legume crops
J: Fibre crops
K: Oil crops
L: Latex crops

Pick the dirts from groundnut and fry in pan on low heat. Remove the peel and grind it with salt, pepper and ginger until smooth. Add water and mix well with spatula. The oil starts coming out little by little. Press the mixture by squeezing for the oil to coming out well.

(i)Pestalotropsis leaf spot
(ii)Oil palm wilt
(iii)Granoderma butt rot


M: Birds
N: Fowls
O: Ruminants
I. Easy identifying for milk cattle for records keeping.
ii. It is a means of identification.

I. It is used for tightening bolts and nuts .
ii. Loading

I. It is used as a lighting device.
ii. It is used as a heating device for birds.

The Specimen B is a Castration device which employs a large clamp designed to break the blood vessels supplying The testicles. Once the blood Supply to the testicles is lost testicular necrosis
the testicles shrink, Soften. And Castration is said to have occured.

(1b) Specimen C:

(i) used for livestock Identification
(ii) used for Monitoring livestock behaviour

Specimen D
(i) for fastening nuts & bolts
(ii) for loosening nuts and bolts

Specimen E

(i) For lightening
(ii) For generating Especially heat poultry


M – Monograstic
N – Monogastric
O – Ruminant

N – It has thick muscular wall and contain small stones or gastritis.
O – It is composed of several muscular sac.
P – It is a long, narrow, folded or coiled tube extending from the stomach to the large intestine
Q – It is a large meaty organ that sits on the right side of the stomach

Specimen N:
(i) It aid in digestion by particle size reduction(grinding).
(ii) Chemical degradation of nutrients and regulation of feed flow

Specimen O:
(i) It houses many tiny organisms which aid in the digestion of food such as hay and grass.
(ii) It store chewed plant material and grain that a ruminant regurgitates

Specimen P:
(i) It aid digestion.
(ii) Absorption of digested food.

Specimen Q:
(i) Regulation of body temperature.
(ii) Storage of glycogen, vitamins and minerals.

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