SwappiDex Testnet Airdrop

?SwappiDex Testnet Airdrop⚡Total Reward 100,000 $PPI?

?Read Complete Guide : https://link.medium.com/yRAcD3E2Oob

?To Be Qualified:
1. Follow our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SwappiDEX

2. Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/Swappi_DEX

3. Submit the Google form with your feedback: https://forms.gle/FJ1mjgGTT3PHsm5J7

❓Setup of the Conflux eSpace Testnet:

1. In MetaMask, click on your profile and go to Settings.

2. From the Settings page, go to Networks and click Add a network.

3. On The Add A Network Tab :

a. Type “Conflux eSpace Testnet” as the network name.

b. Enter https://evmtestnet.confluxrpc.com as the new RPC URL.

c. Enter 71 as the chain ID.

d. Type “CFX” as the currency symbol.

e. In Block Explorer URL enter: https://evmtestnet.confluxscan.io

? Experience Swappi :

?Test Here :

– Use Protocol
– Swap , Add Liquidity
– Report If You Find Any BUG
– Done✅✅

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