Turkey Government Scholarships 2021

Turkey Government Scholarships 2021

Turkey is now accepting Turkish Government scholarship applications from international students around the world. Turkey scholarships for International Students are now underway and it is certainly a great time for students. The country has opened its doors to students from around the world and is encouraging them to study at their prestigious Turkish universities.

This is certainly an amazing opportunity for students. With the help of such scholarships, you will be able to study at some of the best universities in Turkey and gain very useful insight, skills, and perspectives. All of these things will prove to be extremely useful as you move on with your career and go into a more demanding phase.

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As of now, only international students interested to apply for bachelor, masters or Ph.D. are eligible to apply for the Turkey Scholarships. The reason for this is pretty straightforward, Turkey simply wants to improve mutual relations and understandings with other countries. Turkish.

How to apply for Turkey Government Scholarships 2020 of undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Programs?

Eligibility for Turkish Scholarships

The eligibility criteria for the Turkey Scholarships are given: Students from a number of different countries are allowed to apply for this scholarship program.

Benefits Of Turkey Scholarships for international students

Just like most of the other scholarship programs, the Turkey Scholarship program also provides a whole range of benefits to its students. Some of the best advantages of the program are listed below:

Free Accommodation: One of the best things about Turkey Scholarships is that it handles student accommodations in the best way. All the students are accommodated in the university dormitories, the students can live free of charge. However, if the students do not want to live in these dormitories can easily move to a location of their liking, although in this case, the student must pay for his own accommodation.

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No tuition fees: Students are encouraged to study at their full potential and there is no responsibility on their shoulders. The students do not have to pay for any tuition fees, the education is completely free and this is something that cannot be taken for granted.

Health expense: The health expenses of all the students are covered by public health insurance.

Healthcare is a pretty big issue around the world especially if you are a foreigner. Luckily, this is not the case if you are a scholarship student in Turkey. Even if you get sick all the expenses will be covered by public health insurance and you do not have to pay a single penny.

Travel Expenses: The Turkey Scholarships program even pays for the travel expenses of the students. Two tickets will be provided to the student during his studies, once will be for their arrival and the other will be for their departure after the students have completed their studies. However, if the students decide to purchase their own tickets, the amount will be returned to the students later on.

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Online Application Process of Turkish Scholarship

Visit Turkish Scholarships online application system now accepts your applications. The application must be submitted online and it is advised that the applicants read the instructions carefully.

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  1. marhaba my name is ibrahim mohamud adam live in somali country i need education and i have problem at the side of financial and i fully hope that you will help me i need high school scholarship

    • Hi am Hodo Abdirahman Hassan from somalia. Am undergraduate student my Supposed to be my field is management and I want to further my education plus my family is barely able to pay my fees. Please consider my applicatio

  • My full name is mohamud bakal ibrahim i live in somalia i am intrest to to study turkish university please hel me i am student and i am very poor i dont have any one who help me

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  • how can I apply and get the form

  • my name is Simon Joseph lado Asayi from southsudan did southsudan in the of egilable country for this scholarship l want to pursue master degree in microbiology or immunology l hold bacholer degree in medical laboratory sciences please help me with information about this scholarship you contact me through this e mail simonsoro12@gmail.com

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  • Myfull name is Raage Abdulkadir mohamed i live in Sudan i interest education of turkey

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  • Hi firstly my name is Ismail ali am from Somalia.
    In 2018 last year completed before 6 days I completed my secondary school and now am searching scholarship of outside and also I wanna study about technology and my nation’s university have no more quality of technology so I hope u will accept me my application and also I’m interesting to study in Turkey


  • I’m Joel Lodule Francis From South Sudan I Can’t Believe My Eyes Seeing This Great Opportunity Laid Out Be Me. I’m Keenly interested In This Scholarship So As To Pursue My Dreams And Turning Them Into Reality. I Can’t Wait To Have Your Kind Response. My email joellodule10@gmail.com

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