SquidWallet Airdrop

SquidWallet Airdrop

Reward : GET 456 $SQUID (Instant – for all users)

Airdrop Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blues.nab.squid_wallet

?Download App & install

?Sign in with Google

?Create Wallet

?Referral Code: SHLJEmg7

?Go to ‘△’


SC : 0x75237e2d8cd282734baf9ac9d68363c6bd5837ef (Klaytn Network)


Network Name: Klaytn

New RPC URL: https://api.baobab.klaytn.net:8651 

Chain ID: 1001

Currency Symbol: KLAY

Block Explorer URL: https://baobab.scope.klaytn.com/

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