SpaceFi new testnet on zkSync

SpaceFi new testnet on zkSync

SpaceFi new testnet on zkSync. Now you can swap, farm, mint, or stake NFTs and create a space base in our cross-chain web3 platform on zkSync and Evmos. The first to connect Cosmos and Layer2 ecosystem.

Here’s guidance for test net on zkSync:
1. Tester’s certification of SpaceFi testnet on zkSync
To avoid invalid flooding testing, we need to authenticate the test address: one address, one Twitter account, and one discord account. Go head

2. Faucet:
(1) Gas Fee:
Claim ETH ( Goerli ):
Convert your ETH (Goerli, layer1) into ETH (zkSync Testnet-Goerli, layer2) as gas fee on zkSync testnet:

(2) Other Test Tokens:
Claim DAI, LINK, USDC, wBTC ( zkSync Testnet-Goerli, layer2 ):

DAI: 0xE9f4149276E8a4F8DB89E0E3bb78fD853F01e87D
LINK: 0x4732C03B2CF6eDe46500e799DE79a15Df44929eB
USDC: 0x54a14D7559BAF2C8e8Fa504E019d32479739018c
wBTC: 0x98DDd69B2443Fc67755f0901aEb9828a8A62cc65
wETH: 0xD3765838f9600Ccff3d01EFA83496599E0984BD2
STAR: 0x474c41e044208a999bFBE4beD15CDB7d66f7fC02

(3) zkSync testnet explorer:
Check your test tokens and transactions on:

2. Connect zkSync testnet on to try SpaceFi.

3. You can swap, farm, mint, or stake NFT, create or join a space base. Learn more about SpaceFi products:

We recommend that you can add liquidity and farm to get more STAR. No need to directly buy many STAR or mint NFT, which may make STAR price too high, for there’re so many testers.

4. Other reminders:
(1) Starter module is not open yet. Please wait for STAR IDO testing on the starter in the following days.
(2) When you swap or add liquidity with ETH, please wrap ETH to wETH first and use wETH.
(3) There’s a default token list in Space Swap, if it doesn’t auto-display, please manually add it:
(4) If it doesn’t auto-connect zkSync testnet, please manually add it to metamask:
Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet
Chain ID: 280
Currency Symbol(Optional): ETH
Block Explorer URL(Optional):
(5) Testnet on Evmos and Celo is still live and has been a snapshot.

5. SpaceFi intro, roadmap, tokenomics on Evmos and zkSync.

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