SpaceFi Testnet on zkSync network

 SpaceFi Testnet on zkSync network

Reward: Confirmed

1. Register here for the Testnet:

2. Get faucet on zkSync Testnet
– Claim goerli ETH faucet first:
– Bridge goerli ETH to zkSync ETH here:

3. Add zkSync Testnet network on Metamask

Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet
Chain ID: 280
Currency Symbol(Optional): ETH
Block Explorer URL(Optional):

4. Claim other Testnet tokens:

5. Test SpaceFi on zkSync Testnet
– Go to Swap and swap tokens + add liquidity to the pool
– Go to farm and stake the LP tokens
– Go to Mint and Mint a NFT (Minting costs 10000 $STAR test tokens)
– Stake the NFT
✅ Done

Please watch this video ? ? ? ? ?

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