Neco physics answers 2021

Neco physics answers 2021

Here is the Neco physics answers for 2021, stay tuned for more updates








(i) A multimeter

(ii) Reads if there is short circuit in the electric circuit


(i)A simple microscope uses one lens while a compound microscope uses two lens

(ii)A compound microscope produces a higher magnification than that of simple microscope


Using M= ZIt

I = M/Zt

I = 450/3.30*10-⁴ *25*60

I = 9094


Range (R) is defined as the horizontal distance from the point of projection to the point where the projectile hits the projection plane again


Time of flight: T= 2usinθ/g

sinθ = Tg/2u = 1.5*10/2*12

sinθ = 15/24 = 0.625

θ = sin-¹(0.625)

θ = 38.7°


(i)Flying bullet

(ii)A moving car


mgh = mc∆θ

∆θ = gh/c = 10*108/4200

= 0.257°C or 0.257K



A stationary wave is produced by a superposition of two waves of the frequency and amplitude which are exactly out of phase with each other


Wavelength = 4/2.5 = 1.6m


Vaporization is the conversion of a substance from the liquid or solid phase into the gaseous (vapour) phase.


(i) Deform

(ii) No change


A wave front is the locus of points characterized by

propagation of position of the same phase: a propagation

of a line in 1D, a curve in 2D or a surface for a wave in

3D. In other words a line or surface in the path of an

advancing wave on which all the particles are vibrating in

phase is called a wave front.



– Simple Microscope it is used for reading small prints and for studying biological specimens.

– The magnifying glass or simple microscope is a convex lens which is used to produce magnified images of small object.

– When a converging lens is used as a simple microscope the object is placed between the principal focus and the optical center of the lens.

– The Compound microscope consists of two converging lenses of short focal lengths.

– To produce a higher magnification that obtained from a simple microscope.


A simple microscope uses the optical power of single lens or group of lenses for magnification *While*; A compound microscope uses a system of lenses (one set enlarging the image produced by another) to achieve much higher magnification of an object


*Lost volt:* The potential difference between the two terminals of a cell decrease by an amount that does not contribute to the circuit, is called lost volt.


The range of the projectile is the displacement in the horizontal direction. There is no acceleration in this direction since gravity only acts vertically. shows the line of range. Like time of flight and maximum height, the range of the projectile is a function of initial speed.


Fundamental quantity: quantities which are independent on other physical quantity. eg length, mass, time, current, amount of substance, luminous intensity, thermodynamic temperature


*Elastic Collision*

An elastic collision can be defined as a state where there is no net loss in kinetic energy in the system as the result of the collision.

*Inelastic Collision*

An inelastic collision can be defined as a type of collision where this is a loss of kinetic energy. The lost kinetic energy is transformed into thermal energy, sound energy, and material deformation.


– Snell’s law of refraction states that “The ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is constant for a given pair of media and given wavelength of light.” The constant in law is called refractive index and denoted by the letter ‘n’.


i. Optics

ii. Fuselage

iii. Mechanical transmission.

iv. Electrical control.


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