List of Universities in Montenegro

List of Universities in Montenegro

Although a sizable portion of Montenegrin students continues to pursue their higher education outside of Montenegro, participation rates at the tertiary level in Montenegro have risen substantially since 1991.

The Institution of Montenegro is the sole publicly funded university in the country and has 15 affiliated faculties. Gross tertiary enrollment ratios were from around 16.5 to 21 percent for the FRY in the mid-1990s, with female participation rates being slightly higher than male participation rates.

A total of 7,082 students were enrolled in the University of Montenegro’s 15 faculties for the academic year 1999–2000. Montenegro lacked any private tertiary institutions. There were 667 professors at the university level, and the student-to-teacher ratio was estimated to be roughly 12:1. (the slight numerical discrepancy is perhaps due to the inclusion of some part-time faculty).

In 1997, higher education students in the FRY specialized in different fields to the following extents: 7.7% of students majored in the humanities, followed by 20.8 % in social and behavioral sciences, 7.4 % in natural sciences, 11.1 % in medical, 17.9 % in engineering, and 35.2% in other subjects.

List of Universities in Montenegro

• University of Montenegro, Podgorica:
• University of Donja Gorica, Podgorica:
• Mediterranean University, Podgorica:

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