*NB: To mint a Juno domain name cost 1 Juno. Current price of Juno is $45. You need gas fee in Juno to mint so buy 1+ Juno so you’ll have gas fee to approve transactions (gas fee is very cheap)*


1. For those that have Juno or know how to buy Juno👇
👉Put 1+ Juno in the wallet you want to buy the name with
👉Go to https://dens.sh/ and connect wallet
👉 Search your own name and mint
👉Done. You’ve bought a Juno domain.

2. *For those that don’t have Juno & have not bought Juno before*👇👇👇👇
👉Add Keplr Extension to Kiwi or Yandex browser. Create your wallet and save your mnemonic phrase
👉Buy Atom or Osmo from any exchange of your choice and send to your Cosmos or Osmo address
👉Go to https://app.osmosis.zone/?from=ATOM&to=OSMO and connect your wallet
👉Go to *Balances* and *Deposit* your Atom or Osmo, then go to *Trade* & trade your Atom for Juno.
👉Go to *Balances* again and *Withdraw* your Juno. You’ll now see your Juno in your Kepler wallet.
👉Go to https://dens.sh/ and search for any name of your choice and mint.
👉Done. You now own a Juno domain name.

Thank you. Let’s lambo together.

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