*NB: To mint a Juno domain name cost 1 Juno. Current price of Juno is $45. You need gas fee in Juno to mint so buy 1+ Juno so you’ll have gas fee to approve transactions (gas fee is very cheap)*


1. For those that have Juno or know how to buy Juno?
?Put 1+ Juno in the wallet you want to buy the name with
?Go to https://dens.sh/ and connect wallet
? Search your own name and mint
?Done. You’ve bought a Juno domain.

2. *For those that don’t have Juno & have not bought Juno before*????
?Add Keplr Extension to Kiwi or Yandex browser. Create your wallet and save your mnemonic phrase
?Buy Atom or Osmo from any exchange of your choice and send to your Cosmos or Osmo address
?Go to https://app.osmosis.zone/?from=ATOM&to=OSMO and connect your wallet
?Go to *Balances* and *Deposit* your Atom or Osmo, then go to *Trade* & trade your Atom for Juno.
?Go to *Balances* again and *Withdraw* your Juno. You’ll now see your Juno in your Kepler wallet.
?Go to https://dens.sh/ and search for any name of your choice and mint.
?Done. You now own a Juno domain name.

Thank you. Let’s lambo together.

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