My good people: I come before you this evening as a man whose honesty and integrity have been questioned. Now, the usual political thing when charges are leveled against you is either; to ignore them or to deny them without giving details.

But before I answer any of your questions, let me state categorically that I have not touched on the 500, thousand naira we contributed. Every kobo of it has been used in defraying political campaign expenses.

As a matter of fact, during one of my meetings with the press conference, Mr. James Ukpong accosted me and said, “Honourable Senator, what about this fund we hear about?”

I told him there was no secret about the fund and that he should meet Ken Kamalu to get detail of the fund.

I told him “you will find that the purpose of the fund was primarily to defray political expenses”. In answer to another one of his questions, I said that neither contributor would not have received as an ordinary constituent.

And I can say that ever since I became a senator, have I made a phone call for them to an agency or have I gone to an agency on their behalf?

Records will show that, and these records are in the hands of the administrator.

1. The author is

A. Exonerating himself from the allegation of embezzlement

B. Ignoring the allegations of embezzlement

C. Demonstrating that he is a senator

D. Trying to implicate Ken Kamalu, a fellow politician

ANSWER: A (Exonerating himself from the allegation of embezzlement)

2. Constituent in the passage means

A. A section of his constituency

B. His entire constituency

C.His Campaigner

D. A person having voting rights where he is living.

ANSWER: D (A person having voting rights where he is living.)

3. Accosted in the passage means

A. Grossly insulted

B. greeted

C. fought

D. went and spoke to

ANSWER: D (went and spoke to)

4. It appears that the 500,000

A. has been spent

B. has been paid into the government treasury

C. will soon be paid into the government treasury

D. has been saved by Ken Kamalu

ANSWER: A ( has been spent)

5. Ken Kamalu is portrayed as

A. a corrupt politician

B. the administrator of the fund

C. an ordinary taxpayer

D. a government official

ANSWER: B ( the administrator of the fund)

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They hung around together, the boys from the school up the hill, the school was over. They were expecting results.

One or two got teaching jobs in St Alban’s College. It is one of the post-war secondary schools that sprang up in the city because serious people felt the educational need of the country, and possed a sharp for smelling quick money.

Boys from upcountry who were eager to learn, whose parents had a little money, but who could not get into the big schools like Achimota and Mfantisipim in Cape Coast, rushed to the new schools secured lodgings with distant relatives, and bought for a relatively cheap amount some sort of education.

Sammy was the history master from form one to five and was also put in charge of sports in the distant hope that the school would one day get its own playing field near the mental hospital.

There were six hundred students who were all day boys; classes were held in Dr. Dodu’s house. the house was originally built by a man of wealth and a large family.

The bedrooms, of which there were eight, were turned into classrooms; toilets were knocked into pantries to provide additional classrooms for the ever-growing population of the school.

Mr. Anokye, a retired pharmacist, owned the school. He laid great emphasis on science, being a science man himself. He wore a small rimmed pair of glasses which made him look like one of those little black cats on Christmas cards.

He had a small voice which squeaked with akpeteshie, and breath like the smell of gunpowder. He had spent many years at Korle Bu Hospital where he drank the methylated spirit meant to be supplied to laboratory assistants.

He was dedicated to learning, a scholar in many ways. he knew Archimede’s principle. Whenever he shouted, during the terminal examination, his battle cry of Eureka! Eureka! then he had caught someone cheating, someone looking over his mate’s answer sheet.

Mr. Anokye came from a long line of scholars. He claimed his grandfather went to England with Reverend T.A. Barnes. D.D., who was the Anglican Bishop of Cape Coast from 1896 to 1909, he was dedicated to his work.

He interviewed Sammy himself, questioned him about his parentage and religious background, listened to him carefully, and dedicated to appoint him a salary of six per month pending the outcome of his Cambridge Certificate Examination.

He questioned him closely on history, especially the Glorious Revolution and Olive Cromwell.

6. Mr. Anokye would shout “Eureka!”

A. After he had drank methylated spirit

B. to show that he knew Archimede’s principle

C. whenever he caught a boy cheating during an examination

D. in order to frighten the boys.

ANSWER: C (whenever he caught a boy cheating during an examination)

According to paragraph four, sentence three

___whenever he shouted… answer sheet

7. _____________ the message of the Holy Quran was not lost on the lady

A. Being a devout Muslim

B. As she was a good Muslim

C. Being non-Muslim

D. As she paid no attention

ANSWER: A (Being a devout Muslim)

8. St Alban’s College was founded because

A. the war was over

B. there were no other colleges in the country

C. the need for education was seriously felt

D. boys from the interior were eager to learn

ANSWER: C (the need for education was seriously felt)

9. Who was the founder of St Alban’s College

A. Dr. Dodu

B. Mr. Anokye

C. Achimota and Mfantisipim

D. Mr. Sammy

ANSWER: B (Mr. Anokye)

10. What subject did Sammy teach at St Alban’s College?

A. Sports

B English language

C. History

D. Religious studies

ANSWER: C (History)

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I am always amazed when I hear people saying that sport creates goodwill among nations and that if only the common peoples of the world could meet another at football or squash, they would have no inclination to meet on the battlefield.

Even if one didn’t know from concrete examples ( the 1936 Olympic Games, for instance, that international sporting contests lead to orgies of hatred), one could deduce it from general principles. Nearly all the sports practiced nowadays are competitive.

You play twin, and the game has little meaning unless you do your utmost to win. on the village green, where you pick up sides and no feelings of local patriotism are involved, it is possible to play simply for the fun of it and exercise;

but as soon as the question of prestige arises, as soon as you feel that you and some larger unit will be disgraced if you lose, the most savage combative instincts are aroused.

Anyone who has played even in a school football match knows this. At the international level, sport is frankly mimicking warfare. But the significant thing is not the behavior of the players but the attitude of the spectators;

and behind the spectators, of the nations who work themselves into furies over these absurd contests and seriously believe at any rate for a short period that running, jumping, and kicking a ball are tests of national virtue.

Even a leisurely game demanding grace rather than strength can cause much ill will. Football, a game in which everyone gets hurt and every nation has its own style of play is far worse.

The worst of all is boxing. One of the most horrible fights in the world is a fight between white and colored boxers before a mixed audience.

11. The 1936 Olympic Games was cited in the passage as an example to show that sports can

A. lead to excessive hatred

B. create goodwill among nations

C. Generate feelings of national prestige

D. Make people meet on the battlefield

ANSWER: A (lead to excessive hatred)

12. According to the passage,

A. all the sports practiced nowadays are competitive

B. Games have meaning only when the participants play to win

C. it is possible to play a game simply for the fun of it

D. Games are not important.

ANSWER: C ( it is possible to play a game simply for the fun of it)

13. Boxing is regarded as one of the worst games in the passage because

A. of the behavior of the boxers themselves

B. of the amount of ill will that can be generated among spectators of different races

C. of the ill will that can be generated by a game that demands strength from the competitors

D. it is a game in which both players get hurt rather badly

ANSWER: B (of the amount of ill will that can be generated among spectators of different races)

14. Which of the following statement is TRUE according to the passage?

A. running, jumping, and kicking a ball are tests of national virtue.

B. At the national level sport is frankly a mimic warfare

C. The most savage combative instincts are aroused by anyone who has played in a school football match.

D. Nations work themselves up because they tend to believe that sports are tests of national virtue.

ANSWER: D (Nations work themselves up because they tend to believe that sports are tests of national virtue.)

15. “Mimic” as used in the passage, means

A. comic

B. silent

C. imitated

D. practiced

ANSWER: C (imitated)

Teaching is one of the oldest …….. 16 ……….. ( A. activities B. roles C. professions D. callings) known to man. Every community from time immemorial must have……… 17 ………… ( A. men B. women C. individuals D. groups) known and respected for their ability to guide and ………. and 18 ………. ( A. induce B. bribe C. motivate D. force) younger members of their community towards the ………. 19 ………. ( A. attainment B. evolution C. creating D. enforcement) of the desired goals of their group. The …….. 20 …….. ( A. fattening B. courageous C. wild D. initiation) ceremonies for young adults common to many cultures are part of the ……….. and 21 ……. ( A. true B. formal C. respective D. good) education process of those cultures; but there are very many informal ways of educating the young. When a young girl helps her mother in preparing the family ……… 22………, ( A. diet B. meat C. meal D. cooking) she is learning ………. 23 ……… ( A. modern B. expert C. culinary D. beneficial) skills in an informal set-up. One’s ……. 24 ……… ( A.sex B. school C. friendly D. peer) group also exerts a great ……. 25 ……….. (A. pressure B. action C. influence D. attitude) on individuals. In the formal set-up of our schools today, education is highly ………. 26 ……….. (A. expensive B. Europeanized C. organized D. different). There is ……… 27 ………… ( A. hierarchy B. obedience C. respect D. power) of authority from the principal down to the class monitors. We have a fixed ….. 28 ………… ( A. calendar B. almanac C. timetable D. way of life) which we adhere to strictly. Though we …….. 29 …………. ( A. study B. gather C. learn D. acquire) a great deal from our mates, the ………… 30 …………. ( A. perfect B teacher C. monitor. D. leader) plays an important role.

16. C (professions) 17. C (individuals) 18. C (motive) 19. A (attainment) 20. D (initiation) 21. B (formal) 22. C (meal) 23. C (culinary) 24. D (peer) 25. C (influence) 26. C (organized) 27. A (hierarchy) 28. C (timetable) 29. C (learn) 30. B (teacher)

In each of questions 31 to 45, choose the option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in emboldened italics.

31. It could be said that he founded the club and also …………….

A. destroyed

B. created

C. organized

D. discovered

32. I encouraged my younger sister to take on medicine as a profession while I ……………. my elder sisters from doing so

A. finance

B. persuaded

C. helped

D. dissuaded

33. Tayo is very pessimistic about the business while his father is ……………

A. sad

B. worried

C. optimistic

D. unconvinced

34. Some bacteria are mild in their effect on people while others are ………..

A. strict

B. temperature

C. merciless

D. severe

35. Ekaette’s argument was spurious while Jide’s own was …….

A. false

B. illogical

C. fascinating

D. genuine

36. A hard worker should earn promotion as an incentive while demotion should serve as a …………… to the indolent

A. consolation

B. deterrent

C. reward

D. humiliation

37. The lecturer’s treatment of the subject was rather haphhazard, we expected something more ……………

A. systematic

B. arbitrary

C. casual

D. straight

38. The policeman’s statement was explicit while that of the suspect was………

A. vague

B. clear

C. illogical

D. suspicious

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39. Kadire purchased various articles at the supermarket and surprisingly, he ………. my elder sister from doing so

A. destroyed

B. sold

C. bought

D. distributed

40. Ade is very conservative in his political ideas whereas Bola expresses ……….. views always.

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In each of questions 41 to 60, choose the option nearest in meaning to word(s) or phrase in italics.

41. The principal order was imperative.
A. necessary

B. optional

C. authoritative

D. genuine.

42. The lawyer’s argument of the case was exhaustive
A. exaggerating.

B. thorough

C. fascinating


43. He was reluctant to grant my request
A. disposed

B. willing

C. reticent

D. casual

44. It takes a great deal of stamina to run the marathon race
A. courage

B. energy

C. intelligence

D. determination

45. My financial situation is so precarious that very soon I may be insolvent
A. bankrupt

B. stealing

C. soluble

D. borrowing

46. The minister explained the execution of the project had been impeded by lack of funds
A. canceled

B. hindered

C. banned

D. suspended

47. The social critic was asked to recant the allegations he made against the government
A. withdraw


C. substantiate

D. recount

48. The robber’s two jail terms are to run concurrently
A. alternatively

B. simultaneously

C. consecutively


See: JAMB English Syllabus

49. A journalist would do well not express prejudicial views
A. unbiased

B. biased

C. hostile

D. spiteful

50. He worked very hard throughout his life but he died in penury.
A. riches

B. poverty

C. affluence

D. sickness

Read the following sentences carefully, and answer the questions on them.

51. I can’t help laughing at you

From the sentence above we know that

A. I can’t laugh at you.

B. I’m laughing because it’s impossible not to.

C. I enjoy laughing at you.

D. You don’t like me laughing at you.

52. I would pay you now if I had the money.

A. I ought to have paid you when I had the money.

B. I can’t pay you in the foreseeable future.

C. I can’t pay you because I have no money.

D. I will pay you very soon.

53. Mr. Akpan leaves for Enugu at the end of this year

A. Mr. Akpan will be leaving Enugu

B. Mr. Akpan has left Enugu

C. Mr. Akpan will be going to Enugu

D. Mr. Akpan will stay at Enugu

54. She would not even look at him when she met him

A. She declined to look at him

B. It was her duty not to look at him

C. She looked at him rather oddly.

D. She was forced to look away from him

55. Igwe does not treat people well; neither does his wife

A. Igwe does not treat his wife well

B. Igwe’s wife, unlike Igwe, treats people well

C. Igwe’s wife, like Igwe, does not treat people well

D. Igwe does not allow his wife to treat people well

56. If Ayo had ever been told the result, he wouldn’t have been happy.

A. Ayo did not know the result

B. Ayo was not happy about the result

C. Ayo would have expected to be told the result

D. Ayo was happy when he heard about the result.

57. Jones would have paid you if he had any money

A. Jones will pay you

B. Jones was able to pay you

C. Jones will not pay you

D. Jones did not pay you

In each of questions 58 to 71 choose the option that best completes the following sentences

58. The two brothers fell out and refused to live ………… the same house

A. through

B. out

C. in

D. on

59. Those of us who sat at the back of the hall couldn’t hear the lecturer, and so we asked him to speak ………

A. on

B. down

C. up

D. forward

60. Some parents like to show their children ……..

A. in

B. off

C. down

D. out

61 The producer asked the actors to put ……. their costumes and be ready to go on stage.

A. on

B. off

C. in

D. through

62. The teacher wouldn’t even look ……. my work, he says my writing is shocking

A. upon

B. to

C. at

D in

63. he took it ……… himself to spread unfounded rumours.

A. about

B. for

C. in

D. upon

64. Be careful. This is too serious a matter to be played ………..

A. in

B. up to

C. with

D. to

65. The second round of the competition will be played ………… tomorrow.

A. in

B. of

C. away

D. off

66. He went to the cinema to take his mind ……….. his worries

A. down

B. out of

C. to

D. off

67. An average student who has been taken ……….. the course book should be able to construct reasonably good sentences.

A. in

B. by

C. to

D. through

68. That unfortunate mistake you made has laid you open ………. hostile criticism from your opponents.

A. to

B. by

C. for

D. on

69. The doctor said he would look ……….. again this evening to show how you were.

A. up

B. on

C. in

D. through

70. Shakespeare, in creating his principal characters, drew freely …….. his experience in life.

A. at

B. on

C. of

D. by

71. That was a remarkably good speech. I hardly expected him to rise …….. the occasion so well.

A. with

B. from

C. into

D. to

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In each of questions 72 to 76, choose which interpretation you consider appropriate for each of the following sentence

72. This new law will not be popular with the man in the street. This means that

A. poor men will not like the law

B. traders will not like the law

C. pedestrians will nit like the law

D. ordinary men will not like the law

73. The general did not know whether the young soldiers were equal to the task. This means that the general did not know whether

A. the task required a lot of manpower

B.the ages of the soldiers vary greatly

C. the task was as hard as other tasks the soldiers have performed

D. the soldiers would be able to do the task

74. I would not like to be in his skin just now. This means that I would not like to

A. suffer from his skin disease

B. have a character like his

C.annoy him unnecessarily

D. take his place

75. She sang the praises of her newly married son. From the sentence, we know that she

A. boasted about her son

B.sang hymns at her son ‘s wedding ceremony

C. greeted her son after the wedding

D.congratulated her son

76. The foreign expert trod on many toes in his efforts to improve village agriculture.

According to the sentence, he

A. offended many people

B. hurt many feet

C. walked very carefully

D. made great progress.

77. Mrs. Alabi was not around when her case was called and none of her colleagues was willing to hold brief for her. This means that

A. her colleagues were afraid

B. she was not trusted

C. her colleagues did not want to represent her

D. she had quarreled with them

78. Telling lies has become second nature to Kunle. This means that Kunle

A. rarely tells lies

B. always tells lies

C. learnt to tell lies from his childhood

D. tells lies on second thought

79. For us to accomplish the task successfully, all hands must be on deck. This means that everybody

A. should push with his hands

B. will have to travel by sea

C. must cooperate

D. should take a test before continuing the task.

80. The wedding was attended by the cream of the society. This means that the wedding was attended by

A. everybody in the society

B. only those who were invited

C. very important people

D. only the educated people

81. I want you to keep an eye on that child. This means that I want you to

A. discipline the child

B. keep the child busy all the time

C. punish the child if he misbehaves

D. watch the child all the time.

82. It appears Sade’s success at the last examination has gone to her head. This means that Sade is

A. conceited

B. too happy

C. crazy

D. impudent

83. Little Stella is as lively as a kitten. This means that Stella is always

A. wearing bright dresses

B. very realistic in what she does

C. moving quickly like a kitten

D. gay and cheerful

84. Okon is quite hardworking but his problem is that he has too many irons in the fire. This means that Okon

A. is a blacksmith

B. takes on more problems than he can cope with

C. is very good at solving problems

D. is a very successful businessman

85. The masquerade appears once in a blue moon. This means that the masquerade appears

a. very rare occasions

B. when the moon is blue

C. whenever a special request is made

D. once a month.

In each of questions 86 to 88, choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

86. colonel
A. gaol B. colony C. golden D. girl

87. tend
A. jeopardy B. turned C. earned D. caned

88. market
A. get B. mortgage C. enter D. bachelor

In each of questions 89 to 91, choose the option that has a different vowel sound from the others.

89. A dear B. fair C. bear D. there

90. A. hope B. cost C. coast D. won’t

91. A. naught B. north C. spot D. law

In each of questions 92 to 94, choose the option that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

92. concrete

A. attend

B. anxious

C. concern

D. consider

93. chalet

A. college

B. chemical

C. chairman

D. champagne

94. teeth

A. though

B. taught

C. thought

D. tank

In each of questions 95 and 96, choose the option that has a different consonant sound from the others.

95. A. shoe B. ocean C. chef D. chief

96. A. laugh B. off C. wife D. of

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In each of the questions 97 and 98, choose the option that has the same stress pattern as the given word.

97. cement
A. employ (noun) B. interest C. perfect (adjective) D. include

98. typist
A. rebel (verb) B. superb C. refuse (noun) D. propose

In each of the questions 99 and 100, the word in capital letters has the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the sentence relates.

99. MARY loves brown shoes
A. What colour of shoe does Mary love?
B. Does Mary hate brown shoes
C. Who loves brown shoes
D. Does Mary love brown gowns

100. The manager SACKED the typist last month

A. Did the manager employ the typist?

B. Who sacked the typist?

C. Was the typist sacked last week?

D. Did the supervisor sack the typist?



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