Is 2021 NECO Result Out?

Is 2021 NECO Result Out?

The 2021 NECO exam was conducted successfully in 2021, even though some papers have not been completed yet, many of the candidates have been full of questions as regards the exam result, many keep asking, is the 2021 NECO result?

We are delighted to inform you that the 2021 NECO exam has been released, and candidates are advised to check their result online in the neco portal

Moreover, if you are among those asking the question if neco result is out, we will not only provide an answer to your question but also give you a detailed guide on how to check your result.

Furthermore, after reading this article to the end, you will no longer be among those asking if the result is actually out rather you will be among people teaching others how to check their NECO result.

How To Check Your NECO result.

  • To check the 2021 NECO result, you will need to visit and select your exam year “2021”
  • Chose your exam type
  • You will be required to enter a token, which is your scratch card pin. If you don’t have you can get it from any computer center closest to you and enter the pin on the scratch card into the space provided on the site.
  • Click on check result after this, your NECO result will be displayed to you.

Hope this article has been able to answer your question on “Is 2021 NECO result out?” if yes, kindly share with others in search of this.

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