How to unlock ET ON SuperEx

How to unlock ET ON SuperEx

Terms of Service:

1. Task 1: Bind your Twitter account;

2. Task 2: Bind your Telegarm account;

3. Task 3: All cryptocurrencies can be deposited, and the minimum deposit amount must be met;

4. Task 4: In the Spot trading, there is no limit to the trading pair and trading zone, and transaction history records shall prevail;

5. Task 5: Contract transactions are not limited to any cryptocurrency, and transaction history records shall prevail;

6. Task 6: The recommended records shall prevail;

7. Task 7: The recommended records shall prevail;

8. Task 8: Every time the total transaction volume of all invited friends reaches 100,000 USDT, and you will get ET rewards every 1,000,000 USDT;

9. After completing the tasks, you can get ET, and the ET reward will be in a locked state;

10. Complete all tasks to get a whitelist, and SuperEx will randomly airdrop a large amount of ET rewards to the whitelisted users from time to time;

11. After completing the transaction, ET can be unlocked;The orders used ET to deduct the trading fees will not be included in the trading fee to unlcock terms;

12. After completing a transaction, the trading user and the inviter of that user can share 50% of the unlocked ET amount for that transaction;

13. has the right to adjust the rules and usage of the task center, and the adjustment rules do not involve ET tokens that has been distributed;

14. has the final right to interpret the terms of service.

Accumulate this token and forget about it. But use their platform to trade. Something hoooge is looming in the near future.

They have the people

They have the resources

They have the token

Their white paper am sure is solid

So far the traction is mind blowing

What else do you need to see before embracing this?

This app can be equated to binance soonest. With the way they structured?


Imagine 1 token at $300??? ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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