How To Recharge Prepaid Meter

How To Recharge Prepaid Meter

As technology advances, so does electricity and currently, there’s a new system in Nigeria in the form of prepaid meters which allows you to be able to control or use your meter rate using rechargeable meter digits.

This article is to help and gain more knowledge on how to recharge a prepaid meter.

There are two main ways to recharge your prepaid meter, one is physical recharge and the other is online.

Part one

To recharge your prepaid meter physically, you have to go to the nearest PHCN office in your vicinity to load, purchase, check or retrieve your prepaid meter credit.

Firstly, you must remember to take your meter smart card which contains your meter number along and present it to them, after which you can then request and buy any amount of credit you desire and you will be given a transaction slip which will contain the 20-digit code you will use for the recharge.

Once you get home, enter the 20-digit number through the UIU keyboard correctly on the meter.

If you indeed entered the correct code, a green light will appear meaning your prepaid meter is recharged but if it fails or is incorrect, it will continue beeping and flashing red, so you would have to try again or request assistance.

Part two

To recharge your prepaid meter online

Open your internet browser which might be either chrome, Phoenix or Operamini


You will see a list of different electricity distribution companies in Nigeria, choose the one your prepaid meter is registered with.

After which you will be taken to a page where you can type in your meter number and then select the amount or worth of electric unit you want to buy (in naira)

You are then requested to input your email and phone number, and then you click on the submit button.

Confirm your order slip and then select your  mode of payment which could be a Bank transfer or via credit card (enter your card details correctly)

You will then be taken to a page that displays that your order is now complete.

Your 20-digit code is sent to your mobile number immediately. Enter this digit code correctly on your prepaid meter using the UIU keyboard and then your prepaid meter will be credited automatically. This method is easier and faster plus legal. It also saves you time and finance.

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