How to pass jamb exam 2022

How to pass jamb exam 2022

Worried about the jamb exam? here are few things you should have in mind and know that the jamb exam is not a do or die. many have written, passed, and got into high institutions, so you can do it too. many people you are far better than are in universities today. You have to remove every atom of fear in you.

Here are a few tips to help you;

1. Learn to relax your mind: always learn to free yourself from fear. Why am I saying this? Some students always panic whenever they remember they have a JAMB exam.

There is no need for you to worry much about that. Relax your mind, have confidence in yourself because your panic means that you are not sure of your ability to pass the exam. I assured you that you can achieve more when your mind is relaxed than when you are in a state of panic!.

2. Time management: To help sort out your time management, set up a timetable for your study. Write down how many subjects that you will be writing. Then organize your study accordingly.

You may want to give some subjects especially mathematics, physics, chemistry (although that depends on how good you are with any available subjects) more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with. Also, Use JAMB AOC to narrow your reading so you won’t end up reading irrelevant topics.

3. Study JAMB past questions: JAMB keeps recycling questions every year. Take advantage of this and study the Past Questions more frequently. JAMB may not repeat the questions word for word. This is the more reason you should revise past questions diligently that way it is easier for you to recognize any question you may have come across while studying even if it is presented in another way.

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