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Ekiti STATE Mock Examination

Literature in English Objective???






Literature Q3

Look Back in Anger presents an interesting psychological portrait of the main character, Jimmy. When he was young, Jimmy watched his father die from wounds sustained in the Spanish Civil War. This experience, as well as the way his working-class background has limited his opportunities, causes him to be angry and depressed. Jimmy expresses his anger through politics, and he rails against the English upper class. Though he has political views and is, as a member of the lower class, afflicted by the rigid English class system, he also uses politics to express his anger and depression.

His personal relationships are also troubled as a result of his psychological makeup. He married Alison, a member of the elite class, but he tortures her psychologically and forces her to leave him. He takes up with her friend Helena while Alison has a miscarriage—a symbol of the withered and angry relationship she has with Jimmy. While the play is political, it also provides a deep psychological portrait of Jimmy, an angry and depressed man.

Literature in English Ekiti State Mock


Throughout the twentieth century, August Wilson developed today what is known as the Pittsburgh Cycle. This cycle captures the lifestyle of one African American during the twentieth century, as well as what struggles African American men and women faced daily. The cycle consists of ten plays, each corresponding with one decade in the twentieth century. Fences, the sixth play in the cycle, follows the 1950s, though it was published in 1987. The play follows the story of the Maxson family, who are African American, and the problems they face both emotionally and within society. Particularly, the story follows Troy Maxson, a middle-aged father, and the decisions he makes. In Fences, August Wilson shows that betrayal directly causes an inability to trust later in life, and, therefore, jeopardizes relationships with people a person most cares about.

Troy Maxson, throughout Fences, is the source of an inability to trust those surrounding him. This includes his wife, Rose, his son, Cory, his brother, Gabriel, and his best friend, Bono. Although he betrays each of them in different ways, it can be said the sole reason Troy betrays these people is because of his parent’s influence. The absence of Troy’s mother from a young age directly affects Troy’s view of women as a whole (“Rejection”). This is because he is never exposed to women or an ideal relationship with one. Later on in life, this affects his relationship with his wife, Rose. As the play continues, Troy develops feelings for another woman, Alberta, and ultimately gets her pregnant. Without seeing a healthy relationship between his parents, Troy is unable to identify an unhealthy relationship, and he is unable to seek out healthy ways in which he can address it instead of preceding an affair.

The relationship between Troy and his father and Troy and his son, Cory, was inspired by the relationship August Wilson had with his father.

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