Cheapest University in Burna

Cheapest University in Burna

Learning can take numerous forms and take place in many settings, as long as you have the correct mindset. As a result, many students from all over the world are opting for higher education in underdeveloped countries. Students today seek a holistic education in which exposure to many cultures adds to increased intellectual capacity.

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, provides such an atmosphere for international students. The modest Southeast Asian country is the continent’s second-largest and home to multiple languages, unique traditions, and rich culture — as well as some of the world’s greatest institutions in recent decades. We’ll look at the cheap universities in Myanmar for international students in this article.

Best Universities in Myanmar

1. Yangon University

• Admissions Page

Yangon Institution, often known as Yangon University, is Myanmar’s oldest and greatest university. It was created in 1878 in the same-named region and was initially known as Rangoon College by the British colonial authorities.

The university grew and fashioned itself after the universities of Cambridge and Oxford over time, and it has since been the country’s focus of higher education. The venerable university has weathered several challenges, yet it always emerges with a renewed focus on education.

Today, students come from all across Southeast Asia and the world to study the Myanmar language or a range of other majors at Yangon University. Undergraduate programs are available in the Arts, Sciences, and Law, and postgraduate courses are divided into Doctorates, Master’s, and Certificate degrees.

2. Mandalay University

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Tuition Fees start at 1100 USD/per year

The Institution of Mandalay, often known as Mandalay University, is Myanmar’s second-oldest university. It is a public university that was originally linked with Rangoon University and is committed to all of the major sciences, liberal arts, and legal topics.

The institution has been particularly active in recent years as a partner in the EU-funded “CHINLONE – Connecting Higher Education Institutions for a New Leadership on National Education” project, which aims to modernize Myanmar’s university system.

Mandalay University has inked agreements with around 27 universities from Europe, America, and Asia to conduct combined teaching and research activities, making it one of Myanmar’s best universities for international students. It is unquestionably on its way to becoming Myanmar’s most contemporary and international university.

3. Yezin Agricultural University (YAU)

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• Tuition Fees start at 1000 USD/year

Yezin Agricultural University in Myanmar’s only higher education institution specialized in agricultural research. This multi-campus university was founded in 1924 to produce more qualified workers to boost the country’s agriculture sector.

Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Physiology, Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Economics, Horticulture, Entomology, and Plant Pathology are among the nine primary disciplines that the YAU has taught for decades. Mathematics, Physics, English, Burmese, and Agricultural Engineering are among the supporting departments.

Students from all over the country and the world are encouraged to develop their various skills and abilities through the university’s vibrant campus life, which includes a variety of academic and non-academic clubs. This premier university in Myanmar is not just a center for research and technology, but also a location where students can learn about other cultures.

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