Cheapest Universities in Georgia

Cheapest Universities in Georgia

When you hear the word “Georgia,” you’re probably thinking of a U.S. city, but there’s a small part of the world with lovely traditions with the same name. Georgia is a small country in the Caucasus area with a population of around 3.7 million people (Eurasia). It was a component of the Soviet Union until its disintegration in 1991 when it declared independence.

Georgia’s universities provide bachelor’s degrees (between 180 and 240 credits, or three to four years), master’s degrees (120 credits, or two years), and doctorate degrees (between 120 and 240 credits, or three to four years) (180 credits or three years). Longer programs, such as medicine or veterinary medicine, require between 300 and 360 credits to complete.

Cheapest Universities in Georgia

1. Georgian Technical University

Georgian Technical University is the country’s first low-cost university. This university began as a faculty of another institution, Tbilisi State University of Georgia (TSU). In 1928, it became self-governing, and in 990, it was granted university status.

Mines and geology, informatics and control systems, chemical technology and metallurgy, transportation and machine building, power engineering and telecommunications, civil engineering, social and humanities, and architecture, urban planning, and design are among the eight faculties.

This is the most important university in the technical field. In recent years, it has educated 60% of the country’s scientists and engineers.

The English program costs 9,000 GEL (about 3,100 USD), the Russian program costs 3,500 GEL (approximately 1,200 USD), and the Georgian program costs 2,250 GEL (approximately 800 USD).

2. Shota Rustaveli State University

Shota Rustaveli State University, which was founded almost 80 years ago, is located in Batumi. Education, law, humanities, business and economics, social and political sciences, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences and healthcare, technology, and tourism are among the nine faculties.

There are approximately 6,000 students enrolled in one of the 43 bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, 28 master’s degree programs, 15 doctorate degree programs, and three research institutions are available.

Bachelor’s degree programs cost 2,250 GEL (about 800 USD) intuition. As a result, Shota Rustaveli State University is regarded as a low-cost university in Georgia. The majority of the programs, however, are taught in Georgia.

3. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

For individuals who desire to devote their lives to the arts, the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is ideal. In all disciplines of design and architecture, there are numerous specialties.

Fine arts, design, media arts, visual arts, architecture and restoration, art history, and theory are all offered at this cheap institution in Georgia.

Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees have tuition costs of 2,250 GEL (about 800 USD).

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