Cheapest Universities in Bulgaria

Cheapest Universities in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an excellent place to study because, despite its small size, it offers a wealth of chances. This small country is brimming with bright and imaginative young people.

Aside from that, Bulgarian universities are continually raising their game to improve their facilities and service to attract more international students.

Bulgaria has been attracting international students from all over the world for many years. One of their attractive aspects is their world-class education, as well as the sights and sounds that await people seeking an adventure-filled life.

Sophia, Bulgaria’s capital and largest city, is a historically well-preserved city that is home to several of the country’s most prestigious universities, including Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. The city, which was formerly favored by Emperor Constantine the Great, is a beautiful blend of past and current.

Having known this fact, let’s dive into the cheapest university in Bulgaria

List of Cheap University in Bulgaria

1. Sofia University

Number of Students: 24000
City: Sofia
Foundation Year: 1888

The Sofia University which is the first and oldest university in Bulgaria was founded on October 1, 1888. Its history represents an embodiment and continuity of Bulgaria’s cultural-educational tradition. Sofia University has long been regarded as one of Europe’s greatest public universities, generating noteworthy alumni around the world and offering high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

2. Varna University of Management

Number of Students: 40000
City: Varna
Foundation Year: 2016

Varna University of Management was formerly Internation University College, Abena is a European Business School. Students from more than 40 nations study business and marketing, information technology, computer science, tourism and hospitality management, and gastronomy and culinary arts.

3. American University of Bulgaria

Number of Students: 40000
City: Blagoevgrad
Foundation Year: 1991

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), established in 1991 with the backing of the US and Bulgarian governments, the Open Society Institute, and the University of Maine, is a unique cooperative endeavor. It’s a one-of-a-kind university where bright students from all over the world come to receive a top-notch American education.

4. European Polytechnical University

Number of Students: 1000
City: Pernik
Foundation Year: 2010

The European Polytechnic University (EPU) is a private engineering school in Pernik, Bulgaria, and the country’s first technology-focused private higher education institution. The university was established in 2010, and it now provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a growing number of topics.

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