Cheapest Universities in Philippines with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in the Philippines with Tuition Fees

The Philippines is an Asian country located on the Pacific ocean’s southeastern Asian continent.  The capital is Manila while the most populous city is Quezon City. The county’s economy has been described as an emerging market together with other few countries of the world. Her economy thrives on agriculture, manufacturing, and natural resources exploration.

  1. University of Santo Tomas

Year of establishment – 1611

Location – Santo Tomas

Average Tuition Fees – $1000

Website –

Is a government established, and one of the early established universities in the Philippines and ranks among the top 1000 best universities in the world. Some available programs are engineering, pharmacy, medicine and surgery, education, nursing, and science.

  1. University of the Philippines

Year of establishment – 1908

Location – Diliman

Average Tuition Fees – $1000

Website –

This is a State government-owned university, the biggest and best-ranked university in the country, and among the 300 best in the world. It has campuses across the country With over 200 undergraduate and 360 postgraduate programs.

  1. Universidad de Zamboanga

Year of establishment – 1948

Location – Zamboanga city

Average Tuition Fees – $2,200

Website –

This is a government-established university, initially a college before it gained university status recently.

  1. Ateneo de Manila University

Year of establishment – 1859

Location – Quezon city

Average Tuition Fees – $2,200

Website –

This is a private university established by the Christian catholic church and is one of the oldest universities ranked among the 600 best universities in the world. It offers about 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, some are law, medicine and public health, government, business, etc.

  1. University of San Carlos

Year of establishment – 1595

Location – Cebu

Average Tuition Fees – $2500

Website –

This is the government-established oldest university in the country.

Some available programs are education, arts and sciences, law, engineering, business and economics, architecture, etc.

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