Cheapest Universities in Angola with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Angola with Tuition Fees

Every student wants an affordable university within his range of budget and also wants to attend the best university in any country of his choice to pursue his program, either at undergraduate levels or master’s or doctoral degrees, but discouragement do come when considering the high cost of studying at his or preferred country. The sure way would either be through scholarships, grants or internships as a means to beat the heavy cost of tuition fees slammed on prospective candidates, but these are usually minimal and highly competitive, especially for international students.

Angola is a developing nation in the southern part of Africa with its capital in Luanda and is 3rd largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa and is best known for its natural resources with large oil and diamond reserves.

General requirements

  1. ILETS & TOEFL Certificate
  2. Online application form

iii. Passport


  1. Jean Piaget University

Year of establishment – 2005

Location – Luanda.

Average Tuition Fees- $119

Website –

Jean Piaget University is a full-time mode government-owned university, named after the Jewish philosopher Jean Piaget. It has campuses both in Luanda and Benguela and many programs are available for students.


  1. Metropolitan Polytechnic Institute of Angola

Year of establishment – 2009

Location – Luanda

Average Tuition Fees – $120

Website –

The university is a multidisciplinary higher institute and among the top 5 universities in Angola according to national rankings. It is a private university but very affordable and best to obtain an undergraduate or postgraduate education.


  1. University of Oscar Ribas

Year of establishment – 2007

Location – Luanda

Average Tuition Fees – $150

Website –

Oscar Ribas University is a privately owned university with programs officially recognized internationally meeting the standard. Provides also has nonacademic facilities including a library and administrative assistance in addition to academic facilities.


  1. Katyavala University of Bwila

Year of establishment – 2009

Location – Benguela

Average Tuition Fees – $820

Website –

This is a government-owned university with no religious affiliation, diverse and coeducational programs, with no sociocultural preference in the screening process of its candidates, thus making it the best for foreigners to study in. It is also affordable with modern infrastructure.


  1. Agnostinho Neto University

Year of establishment – 1976

Location – Lombron

Average Tuition Fees – $824

Website –

This is a government-owned university based in the capital, Luanda.  It has over 18 bachelor and 15 master’s degrees involving areas of scientific research and development within its faculties. It’s one of the seven public universities and also the largest university in Angola.

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