Cheapest Universities in Ethiopia with Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Ethiopia with Tuition Fees

Ethiopia is a landlocked African country with its capital at Addis Ababa. It has archeological findings dating back to over 3 million years and is best known for ancient cultures. It’s the second most populous nation in Africa after Nigeria, and its economy is comparably good, they are producers of coffee, Honey, livestock, and gold. The education system too is one of the best in Africa.

  1. Arba Minch University

Year of establishment – 1986

Location – Arba Minch

Average Tuition Fees – $520

Website –

This is the cheapest and one of the best universities in Ethiopia, offering various academic programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her admission is based on the candidate’s score in the entrance examination.


  1. Bahir Dar University

Year of establishment – 1956

Location – Bahir Dar

Average Tuition Fees – $900

Website –

Is it a government-owned university, formed from two smaller institutes, before it gained university status in 1996?

  1. Haramaya University

Year of establishment – 1954

Location – Dire Dáwà

Average Tuition Fees – $920

Website –

Is a government-owned research university, which has attained excellent academic records, it was established in the region of Oromia to encourage higher education among the indigenes.

  1. University of Gondar

Year of establishment – 2016

Location – Gondar

Average Tuition Fees – $1000

Website –

Is a government-owned university that despite its recently established has shown years of academic excellence in media and medical-related courses. It’s one of the sought-after schools in the country.


  1. Jima University

Year of establishment – 1952

Location – Jima

Average Tuition Fees – $1800

Website –

a government-owned university and highest-ranked institution in Ethiopia with specialization in the field of medicine and medical-related course?

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