All you need to know about cNFT

All you need to know about cNFT

Wtf are cNFTs?

Just searched the whole tl and I’ve got nothing to copy ,expect typos?

Firstly,cNFTs are situated on the Cardano blockchain,this write up is going to be straight forward since we all have a good knowledge on NFTs.
Wallets – Nami,Yoroi,Eternl

The marketplace is similar to ME & OS,not complex just a place where you can view and list your NFTs,the wallets in this case is different,you can’t see your NFTs through your wallets, is a place where you can see the amount of NFTs present in your wallet,

Setting up a wallet is similar to setting up one in sol & eth NFTs(just the normal key words format) ,I’ll personally advice to make use of NAMI wallet, it doesn’t have an app,just a browser extension which makes minting or listing NFTs on certain devices terrible.
On Android,Brave Browser is the recommended browser which can house a lot of browser extensions,setting up & linking a wallet shouldn’t be a problem with that,etrnl is the only wallet that support dAPPs on iPhones but the transactions are very slow,I’m still making resarches on how it could be used on iPhones,I use laptops btw,very swift.

Minting process:
-cNFTs are at that stage where you mint from websites,I’ve lost a lot to rugs?(na smalls) are planning to create a launchpad for the ecosystem,they tried it with their stealth mint (ADA HIPPOS) they failed,it caused the FP to reduce massively 276-20ADA,but I’m bullish on them ngl,I hope it turns out well.

I make use of a lot of tools,I’ll make a write-up about it later?‍?

Why should you be concerned?
-Don’t neglect any chain
-Lesser gas fees than ETH ?
-Faster than solami ?
If you have any questions,feel free to ask!

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