Xchain blueshift airdrop

Xchain blueshift airdrop

#Airdrop Confirmed

Ending on 6th March

☑️ Add Milkomeda A1 & Milkomeda C1 Testnet Network in your metamask wallet using chainlist.org

☑️Request faucet: …https://faucet-devnet-cardano-evm.c1.milkomeda.com

☑️ testnet link and connect: https://xchaintest.blueshift.fi/#/ref?wallet=0xc7C0312fC8fD181814E4396aea14C5F8F3511Df2&network=Cardano

-Swap to 5 Milkada to WADA and then WADA to bUSDC
-Next click on “Get higher income
-Scroll down and add liquidity
-increase your APR
-stake LP tokens

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