USADF Agriculture Grants in Africa

USADF Agriculture Grants in Africa

USADF invites applications from registered African agricultural cooperatives, producer groups, processors, and enterprises for grant financing.

Grants will support solutions that extend your organizations’ own capabilities to increase your revenues, create jobs, improve farmer incomes, and achieve sustainable market-based growth.

USADF is accepting applications in the following countries and sectors:

Benin: banana, cashew, maize, rice, Shea, soy

Burkina Faso: cashew, honey/beeswax, maize, onions, rice, shea butter, tomatoes


coffee, palm oil, potato, rice

Côte d’Ivoire: cashew, cassava, cocoa, rice

The Democratic Republic of the Congo: cocoa, coffee, fishing, job training/youth employment, livestock, renewable energy, rice

Guinea: fish farming, off-grid energy, palm oil, shea

Kenya: fishing, livestock, maize, rice, sorghum

Liberia: cassava, cocoa, goat, palm oil, rice, vegetables

Mali: cashew, fonio, gum arabic, maize, millet, rice, shea, sorghum, sweet peas

Malawi: horticulture, legumes, oilseeds, rice, tree crops

Mauritania: animal husbandry, cowpeas, gum Arabic, maize, milk, millet, rice, sorghum, vegetables & fruits

Rwanda: beans, coffee, maize, rice, tea

South Sudan: cassava, coffee, maize, shea, sorghum

Somalia: fishing, frankincense, job training/youth employment, livestock, rice, sesame

Tanzania: beans, coffee, cotton, horticulture, maize, rice

Uganda: cassava, coffee, maize, rice

Zambia: agri-energy hybrid, dairy, fish farming, oilseeds, rice

Zimbabwe: potatoes, coffee, beans, soybean, maize, groundnuts, sesame, tomatoes, onions, chilies, herbs and spices, small grains, fruits, livestock, off-grid energy

USADF Agriculture Grants in Africa – Eligibility Criteria

Your organization must demonstrate that it has successfully worked for a minimum of 2 years, has a minimum of 200 active members or suppliers, and has the capability to effectively use grant funds.
Your ownership and management must be in agreement on the problem to be addressed and have a commitment to benefit your community.

Your organization must demonstrate the capability to account for USADF funds by showing you have a minimum of 2 years of basic functional management and financial controls in place.
Your organization must be 100% African-owned and African-led.
USADF is not accepting applications from non-government organizations (NGOs) and intermediaries. Your organization must be an agricultural cooperative, producer group, processor, or business.
USADF Agriculture Grants in Africa – Successful Proposals Must

Have a clearly defined market opportunity to grow revenues that can increase incomes.
Have a clearly defined plan of how you can increase revenues and incomes in 2- 4 years.
Commit significant cash or specific in-kind contributions toward the grant activity.
Be able to directly impact hundreds of people and community members.
Be able to identify a path for continued growth and financing after the USADF grant ends.
Not exceed the US $250,000.

Special consideration will be given to applications that incorporate innovative strategies to make use of new approaches and technologies, including complementary finance and information technology.
Special consideration will also be given to women-owned organizations and applications that promote youth entrepreneurship and employment.
Apply by 17th May.

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