Shell Petroleum Development Company Maintenance Scheduler Lead Jobs in Nigeria

Shell Petroleum Development Company Maintenance Scheduler Lead Jobs in Nigeria

Job Purpose

The Work Scheduler coordinates the scheduling of the planned workload of each discipline within the SNBO Organization. The Scheduler will also ensure the timely availability of materials, services, and logistics to close-out planned activities, having work done at the right time by the right people.

The role enables the timely execution of maintenance work by developing a maintenance schedule comprising Corrective Maintenance (CM) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) work that is optimized for efficient resource utilization.

The role will ensure backload of planned work activities is managed at an acceptable level so they are executed before their latest allowable finish date.

The job location for this role applies to Port Harcourt and Lagos.



Comply and enforce Shell life-saving rules.
Continuous Improvements:

Initiate improvement to the scheduling process was required according to Shell Asset Management System (AMS) processes

Receive feedback from stakeholders for improving scheduling

Technical Leadership:

Facilitate technical discussions and alignment between the different disciplines at the SNBO site.

Ensure the teams develop quality output meeting all necessary KPIs critical to their workload

Engage and provide external resources necessary for the day-to-day operations of the SNBO unit.

People Management:

Ensure that staff has the right competencies to execute the work.

Coach on technical topics like Equipment, processes, and tools. Mentor Team Leads on leadership and individual development.

Inspire and develop the Team Leads, Technical specialists, and staff throughout the team.

Ensure that the competency framework is kept up to date with developments elsewhere in line with Global SBO

Manage the training budget for the team(s).

Inspire and develop the staff throughout the team.

Create and foster a strong team spirit. Ensure that staff has a pleasant working environment.

Provide steer and direction:

Provide clarity and direction to the team using Goal-Setting & business plans.

Coach staff and support their individual development plan (IDP).

Provide the technical steer to staff for assigned workstream(s)

Enable the usage of supporting technologies /IT tools.

Encourage the teams to have a clear asset-centricity & delivery focus.

Operational delivery:

Ensure that the team delivers on time, with required quality control and continuous improvement.

Perform regular quality checks and actively monitor progress.

Maintain high staff utilization & productivity.

Support the recruitment and onboarding activities.

Ensure that the trained resources are effectively deployed & the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & deliverables are closely monitored & improved.

Ensure that billing, time-writing, and expense claims are executed in a timely manner.

Collaborate effectively within SNBO & other teams


Schedule Routine Maintenance tasks in accordance with Shell Asset Management System (AMS) Perform Maintenance Execution process.

Generate optimized and fully resources loaded schedule for all Assets

Ensure all Safety Critical, License to Operate (LTOs), Preventive Maintenance (PM), Corrective Maintenance, etc. Work Orders (WO) are properly scheduled to meet their respective Latest Allowed Finish Date (LAFD)

Provide a “Ready to Schedule” Work Centre forecast for the next rolling 90 days.

Act as an enabler for Maintenance execution to optimize the utilization of available craft resources.

Lead and Own Daily Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Meeting (YTT) and Weekly Scheduling meetings. Also, the Daily Notification Review meeting

Maintain schedule priorities and integrate with Production to drive the organization to deliver short-term and long-term performance.

Work Field Site Managers, Operations & Maintenance Leads, and Crew Leads
where LAFDs need revision to suit the business plan

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