List of Universities in Dominica

List of Universities in Dominica

The Caribbean city of Dominica is a multilingual place. The majority of them use a combination of Creole, French, and English.

You must be fluent in either English or French to enroll in a university in the Dominican Republic.

Universities offer instruction in both of these native and widely used languages.

In the nation’s higher education programs, however, English language instruction is the most prevalent.

This implies that you must TOEFL or IELTS as evidence of your English language skills.

International students are required to pay varying tuition rates depending on the type of program they are enrolled in, as of the 2018–2019 academic year.

Students enrolled full-time pay $11,900 yearly, while graduate students enrolled full-time pay roughly $17,850. However, based on the university you attend and the curriculum you choose, it might be higher or lower.

List of Universities in Dominica

Below is the list of universities in Dominica

• Ross University:
• Dominica State College:
• International University for Graduate Studies:
• Selinus University Business School:
• New World University:
• Ballsbridge University:
• Western orthodox University:
• The University of the West Indies:

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