List of Cheapest Universities in Italy with Tuition Fees

List of Cheapest Universities in Italy with Tuition Fees

Italy is a European country located in the southern part with a long Mediterranean coastline and capital at Rome where the Vatican and many other ancient ruins are found. Other ppl prominent cities are Milan, Florence, and Venice. The two smaller countries that are housed in Italy are San Marino and the Vatican city where the Catholic church pope is. Italy has an advanced economy and ranks as the 8th wealthiest nation with major sectors of healthcare and education affordable and accessible.

1. University of Trento

Year of establishment – 1962
Location – Trento
Average Tuition Fees – $1000
Website –
Is a government-established cheapest university, improved into a standard research institution highly sought after by international students, thus large numbers are admitted annually.

2. University of Florence

Year of establishment – 1321
Location – Florence
Average Tuition Fees – $1000
Website –
This is a government-owned second cheapest ancient university and the most mentioned institution in Italy. It is home to 12 departments and over 120 programs of study. It’s ranked among the 500 best universities in the world and it had partnered with top foreign universities to allow graduands receive joint degrees.

3. Free University of Bozen-Bolazano

Year of establishment – 1997
Location – Bolzano
Average Tuition Fees – $1400
Website –
This is a jointly private-government university, whose objective aim is to provide multilingual and practically oriented educational experiences for its students. It has other campuses in Bruneck and Brixen.

4. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Year of establishment – 1868
Location – Venice
Average Tuition Fees – $1920
Website –
Is a government-owned university, formerly a business school of Venice but subsequent addition of programs and adjustments made it a world-class university with specialization in Economics and modern languages.

5. University of Sienna

Year of establishment – 1240
Location – sienna
Average Tuition Fees – $1942
Website –
This is the oldest government-established university founded in the 13th century, it’s premier and still maintains the best university in the country and ranks among the 100 best in the world.

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