How To Opt Out Of Autorenewal On MTN

How To Opt Out Of Autorenewal On MTN

As a network user, it’s normal and necessary to purchase mobile network data to aid in browsing the internet. However, as easy as it might be to purchase the mobile network data, certain issues have come up about it, one of which is when the data renew itself without your permission, this is known as auto-renewal

This article is however mainly for mtn users who are experiencing this kind of problem. There is a saying that says, “Prevention is better than cure “which is why we are first of all going to explain how to stop auto-renewal immediately after buying data.

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After dialing the USSD code *131# to purchase your data plan

Wait at least three minutes for another pop up to come up which asks you to choose between two options

  • (One time off / Auto-renewal)

You go for the former option which is one time off which means that you are only buying that data plan once.

Here’s part two for people who wants to cancel their auto-renewal after a long time

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First, dial *131#

Then choose option one which is data plans

After, choose option 8 which is to manage data

Then chose option three which is canceled auto-renewal

You can then select the data plan you want to opt-out of and you are done.


Auto-renewal can be annoying at times because you might have had another budget for the card left on your account. Having it deducted without your permission, can be frustrating. We hope this article is helpful enough to help provide a solution to auto-renewal.

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