Gift Girl child advocate | Ele-ojone foundation

Gift Girl child advocate | Ele-ojone foundation

Ele-ojone foundation is a Nigerian based non-governmental organization founded in 2018 and incorporated in 2020 the purpose of the foundation is to provide early intervention and prevention services through the mentoring of 1000 teenage girls who are at high risk of sexually transmitted diseases, toilet infection, teenage pregnancy, teenage prostitution educational failure drugs and cultism. Our strategies are designed to encourage teenage girl child to dream beyond the often oppressive condition of rural life and to prepare them for the future. We work with youth from the Nigerian rural population such as Abuja, akwa ibom state and kogi state, where we also have our office location.

Our company board of directors is drawn from local community leaders and professionals within the district these include a local pastor a police officer, a school principal a medical doctors Two lawyers, and one accountant, all Our Directors in the NGO lives and work within Nigeria and they understand the needs of the communities. The board meets once every quarter the executive director of the company who runs the day-to-day activities of the organization is a graduate of accountancy with intensive experience in youth education and mentoring. In 2020 we receive a grant from Okwutepa and son law firm, fund were used to open a free sanitary and toiletries bank in few communities and to recruit, train and hire 6 six mentoring staff. We identify 250 high-risk teenage girls from Abuja, Kogi state, and Akwa Ibom respectively the program was considered at risk these include sexually transmitted diseases, Toilet infections, teenage pregnancy, teenage prostitution, Educational failure drugs, and alcohol.

Donated funds were effectively used and an evaluation report was sent to the Organization upon completion of the project. Over the years we have put together a team of volunteers who participated in our programs, our volunteers are drawn from community youths, unemployed youth, and businessmen. Ele-ojone foundation is committed to creating a total charge, If consider for funding will help us extend our reach to rural population and another part of Nigeria and to reach children without the luxury of mentorship, sanitary pad and toiletries found in rural communities

Problem statement

What is the problem? Who is responsible for the problem, what happened if the problem is allowed to persist? What are the long-term consequences if this problem is not addressed now? The problem is that there is a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases, toilet infection educational failure teenage pregnancy teenage prostitution, drug abuse, and cultism among teenage girls.

The cost of this problem is increasing in poverty lack of mentorship program, lack of college readiness program, high rate of school dropout, increase in drugs abuse, literacy, lack of Educational and enlightenment programs, and lack of menstrual hygiene materials.

The long-term consequences include an increase in street gangs increase in prostitution increase in delaying in pregnancy after
Marriage is a result of chronic infection that comes from poor menstrual hygiene. Increasing crime.

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