Courses Offered At The University Of Ibadan UI

Courses Offered At The University Of Ibadan

It’s unarguable that the University of Ibadan is a standard school. In addition, the University of Ibadan is one of the best schools in Africa.

Furthermore, the University of Ibadan is the first University in Nigeria. The University of Ibadan has produced great personalities, such as Professor Wole Soyinka.

In addition, the University of Ibadan is recognized globally, and no student who successfully graduates from the school, that won’t be eligible to work in any part of the world.

Each year, thousands of students rush to choose this University as. their preferred University in Jamb, because the quality of education in this school is quite visible.

Are you an aspirant of the University of Ibadan, and do you desire to know the courses being offered at this Institution? Below are the list of courses being offered.


1 Medicine & Surgery

2 Dentistry

3 Physiotherapy

4 Biochemistry

5 Physiology

6 Human Nutrition

7 Nursing Science


1 Pharmacy


1 Agriculture

2 Fisheries and Wildlife Management

3 Forestry Resources Management


1 Arabic Language & Literature

2 Islamic Studies

3 Archaeology

4 Archaeology Combined:

[a] Archaeology with History

[b] Archaeology with Classics

[c] Archaeology with Religious Studies

5 Anthropology

6 Classics

7 Religious Studies

8 Communication & Language Arts

9 Linguistics and African Studies:

[a] Linguistics

[b] Yoruba

[c] Igbo

10 History

11 English Language & Literature

12 Philosophy

European Studies:

[a] French

[b] Russian

[c] German

13 Theatre Arts


1 Law


1 Veterinary Medicine


1 Agricultural & Environmental Engineering

2 Civil Engineering

3 Industrial Production Engineering

4 Petroleum Engineering

5 Electrical & Electronics Engineering

6 Mechanical Engineering

7 Food Technology

8 Wood Products Engineering


1 Economics

2 Geography

3 Political Science

4 Psychology

5 Sociology


1 Adult Education

2 Educational Management

3 Teacher Education:

[a] Arts

[b] Social Sciences

[c] Science

[d] Pre-Primary Education

4 Special Education

5 Human Kinetics

6 Health Education

7 Guidance & Counselling

8 Library Studies


1 [a] Archaeology Single Honours

[b] Archaeology Combined:

  • With Geology
  • With Geography
  • With Zoology
  • With Botany

2 Anthropology

3 Chemistry

4 Industrial Chemistry

5 Geography

6 Computer Science

7 Geology

8 Mathematics

9 Physics

10 Statistics

11 Zoology

12 Botany

13 Microbiology

So far, below is the list of accredited courses at the University of Ibadan.

Are there more things you desire to know about this school? Kindly ask in the comment box.

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